Healthy Girl! Fridays: Plateau!

Hey Brickhouses!!


 TGIF!! This week has been very interesting! Even though I had someone watching Mia the entire week after her surgery, guilt set in and I either came home early or didn't go to work at all. *sigh* My paycheck will suffer because of it but my Mia needed TLC that only mama can give!


This weekend I am going to be hanging out with Tiffany of Positiffitea and her buddies at The Ascent  for a vendor trade party and some rock climbing! I have hit a rock climbing wall a time or two in my day...

  So I am pretty excited!! Its always great to see how far I have come in terms of of overall strength  especially upper body! Speaking of Tiff, please don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that ends today at 5pm (CST). All you have to do is LIKE both LGI Fit by KEF and Positiffitea on Facebook! Simple so get to it and WIN some amazing holistic tea!!

I am giving Healthy Girl! One more week to recoup from finals so today's post is more like "The Best of.."

 ninetydaysjustdoit asked: Your arms are AMAZING! just thought you should know!! ps. did you ever hit a plateau in your weight loss? Since eating clean, I've lost 10 lbs, but I really want to get in the 130s. I'm feeling frustrated b/c the scales not budging. Hasn't been easy to keep full commitment during finals. I've been told if your body adapts you need to increase protein/weight lifting. Going to try to incorporate some bodyrock workouts over winter break/kickboxing at home. any advice is appreciated!


Thank you!! Working at a gym, and having to put weights up for hours has really helped my arms!!
As far as breaking a plateau, you’ve definitely got to amp up your workouts. When I hit a plateau, I started doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and after a week or so I broke my 3 month long plateau. 
 I’m not sure about increasing protein, because to be honest, I haven’t been taking/using any extra protein at all (mainly because I’m allergic to most protein powders). 
You’re spot on with adding BodyRock workouts!! The intensity and variability of the workouts will make sure that your body never gets used to your workout, and the resistance training will help build muscle, which will definitely make your body burn off fat more effectively.
You pretty much seem like you’ve got it all figured out! Just make sure you’re eating enough, or you could get stuck in a plateau again.
I hope this helped!

- Healthy Girl!

Tumblr especially Healthy Girl!'s tumblr has some of the best visual inspiration and motivation so here you go! Have an awesome weekend!! 

Have a fit-abulous weekend!!



  1. I'd love to try rock climbing! Looks like such a great upper body workout! I am new to your blog, just read through a few things - your weight loss and fitness journey is very inspirational! Came here from the blog hop...

  2. As soon as I heal and get through PT, I will be following close behind you girls! Mommy


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