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Hey Brickhouses!!

I don't want to keep my loyal  followers hanging!! Just want to give ya'll an opportunity to follow my new blog www.lgifitnessbykef.com (www.lgifit.com for short) on Bloglovin' or through the new Google Friend Connect on the right margin of my new page!

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This Week....

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Heyy Brickhouses!!

TGIF!!! Short post today, just wanted to remind you that I am no longer using Blogger as of Wednesday! Please find me at my new address www.lgifit.com. Check out my posts for today :

Healthy Girl! Fridays: Say good riddance to cellulite!! (Sort of)
Funny Story! Holding myself accountable...

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During my five-day blogging hiatus, I was preparing for my website at www.lgifitnessbykef.com or www.lgifit.com for short!! I did absolutely no promotion because of alot of stops and starts with no definite launch date, but now IT'S DONE!!

Here's my announcement and OperationBrickhouse Week 1 Recap!

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Gu

Today's Workout: 2.25 miles with BGR! Nashville (Post to come on my experience)

Heyyy Brickhouses!!

Today I decided I was going to start experimenting and researching what makes me tick on my runs. The last two days of running, I pushed through but I felt like I was struggling. I am dubbing January from here on out the "Diagnostic Month" where I will find what makes me tick, what methods allow me to run comfortably while still building endurance.

Here is my first experiment:

YESSSS!!! Peanut Butter & Choco GU on Ezekial Bread

Back when I ran/walked the Mayor's 5K in November, I had tried some Madarin Orange Gu. It was soooo nasty! Kind of like a combination of bread crumbs, orange marmalade, and rust! Absolutely disgusting! I don't spit stuff out unless my tongue burns so I swallowed it, and though I was extra thirsty (You're supposed to eat GU then hydrate), I had SO much endurance throughout the race.

I googled Chocolate Gu and the general agreement was that it tasted like a melted tootsie roll. I bought five pouches and this morning poured it on my pre-run breakfast. (Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread, Peter Pan Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter, and a banana)

It was sooooo good and I had SO much energy! If I didn't have to get to church by 11am I would have run four miles with the BGR Nashville group! This is definitely something I am going to try again this week to make sure it wasn't just a "placebo effect" and all in my head.

Do you have any special "fuel" foods you like to eat before a run? How do you feel about GU?



Healthy Girl! Fridays: What cardio exercise burns the most calories?

Today's Workout: 4 miles (planned)/Supreme 90-Tabata Inferno

Heyyyy Brickhouses!!

TGIF!!! Soooo glad it's Fridayyyyy!! This week was so interesting! I ran 15 miles (11 at press time) in all!! Real talk, that is probably the most I have run consistently in my entire life!! I'm feeling good ya'll :)

Yesterday was my rest day for running, but NOT for Supreme 90. I just flat out didn't wake up at 5:15 as I have scheduled to do it! So this morning I have Tabata Inferno which I am not exactly looking forward to! Tabata feels good at first, once you hear "It's only 20 seconds on 10 seconds off" you get excited! But at the end your muscles are SCREAMING!!! Remember when Coach Christian did a Tabata workout with me? Check it out here.

I plan on doing a vlog recap of this week's workouts and lessons learned sometime this weekend! I got a lot of positive feedback which encouraged me to do another one! If you want to make sure you don't miss it, make sure to subscribe to my YT channel here

Healthy Girl! Speaks

Q.   I have been working out on my treadmill at home for 45 mins a day and I’m noticing that I am not burning the amount of calories that I would normally burn on the elliptical...I avg. like 200 cals on the treadmill and about double that on an elliptical for the same time period. How can I maximize my workout efforts for the best results with my home gym? I have free weights and a weight machine but nothing beats an elliptical work out I use to get going to a gym. Should I just buy an elliptical? HELP!


A.   Hey Chya!
Yours is a simple fix! The treadmill (with out any incline) is only working in one direction, where as the elliptical is working in multiple directions, hence the larger burn.
For similar results on the treadmill and the elliptical, push up the incline to about a 5 when you're working on the treadmill. You'll burn about the same amount of calories while getting an intense workout (your legs are definitely gonna feel it, trust me!) I hope that helps!


That's my sister! Straight to the point with TONS of substance!! Make sure you check out her blog for more fitness tips, she gives them daily! If you have a question for 'Healthy Girl! Speaks' submit a question to her blog with LGI Fitness written someplace, leave a comment on the LGI Fit Facebook wall, or email me at lgifitnessbykef@gmail.com.

Have a fabulous weekend Brickhouses!!!

PS. The new website is almost done!! It should be launched Monday! SO EXCITED!!!!!