R30 Week 3- Day 2: Weak Desires

"The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results.”

Morning Brickhouses!!

It's MONDAY!!! That was said in caps lock but I am soooo not excited to be truthful!! Look at this morning's quote for a second. Yesterday to say I struggled with the workout would be an understatement!  It was absolutely shameful! This morning however, I brought everything I could to the table and the result was a lot better!

I can honestly say after waking up with determination and a good night's rest, that I might have been exaggerating at just how hard the workout for Week 3 actually is. 

Yes, Jillian is insane. Yes, Shelly's perma-smile is annoying. Yes, my glutes, hammies, and legs are SCREAMING. And yes, I want to give up some mornings but if that consumes me, if that drives me MY CHANGE will NEVER happen! So every morning, every workout I want to give it my best and I hope you'll do the same! LET'S GET IT!!!


Also don't forget about the giveaway! Only ONE person has applied so far and you still have until FRIDAY to get an awesome Blender Bottle!! 


R30 Week 3- Day 1 : I have no words...

"Tears will get you sympathy. Sweat will get you results."

Hey Brickhouses!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Mia has been sick since Thursday so I have been cooped up in the house watching movies, sleeping, and tending to her fever. I was so excited to get up this morning and start Week 3! But then...

Mia had another feverish night and had some delirious episodes which resulted in a VERY sleepless night. I woke up late afternoon instead of my normal 8am on the weekends. Anytime I sleep in a feel like I am dragging the entire rest of my day!

So Vashera is back doing the advanced workouts and poor Shelly is back just as happy as ever! Jill hasn't given her a break she has been working it in every single week!

Week 3 should be called "BUST IT: Legs, Glutes and Tri's" 
The warm up was crazy! The circuits were bonkers!!For the first time I was already exhausted just from the warm up. I wasn't even shocked like I was when moving to Week 2 because I know Jill is crazy as hell!!

Sometimes in the morning Mia will be eating her Cheerios or getting dressed for school (I have a very independent three year old) and she will check me on my form! "Mommy that girl is jumping!" or "Mommy she's not doing it that way!" its as good as having Jillian right in the living room with me! I know that even though she is three, she see's how and what I should be doing and it helps me to straighten up and BRING IT!!

Today instead of being a fitness Nazi, Mia had some words of encouragement. (Audio is better than the video it was taken by Mia! lol)

That made me push a little bit harder :) 

Everything that we have done up this point definitely is to prepare us for this workout! I can honestly say that even with the awesome support from Mia, I did a HORRIBLE job today! I have never taken as many breaks as I did today!! I burned 253 calories! That is so EMBARRASSING considering the circuits were the most intense I have seen so far! 
All I can say is that tomorrow I have to BRING IT! I am going to bed early tonight, making sure I drink enough water today, making a great dinner tonight, and get MENTALLY PREPARED!! The combination of lack of sleep, too much sleep, and being on my cycle contributed to my sub-par workout today but tomorrow is a new day and I am definitely gonna BUST IT tomorrow!! LET'S GET IT!!!

Have you done the Week 3? What do you think about it? Am I exaggerating or spot-on?

Have a fit-abulous day!


R30 Week 2- Day 6: TGIF!! Weekend REWARDS!!

'You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you want to go to bed with satisfaction.'

Morning Brickhouses!! 

I really enjoyed this week I am not gonna lie! It was a test of endurance and showed me just how strong I am getting! I have seen your comments on FB and on here so I know alot of us in Week 2 are feeling the same! 

I am sooooo proud of you ladies!! You guys are really GETTIN' SOME!!! 

Now this weekend is Halloween and though I don't celebrate it, it is autumn and I start craving sweet things more than ever!! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite low to mid-calorie treats I enjoy on the weekends (and some WEAKdays lol)

Chocolate Cheerios- 110 calories per serving
 O-M-G!! When I first saw these on the shelf I literally let out a squeal of joy! I am a big fan of Cheerios and a HUGE lifetime fan of CHOCOLATE!! The taste is rich and thorough and the after cereal milk is DIVINE!! When I am craving chocolate this is usually my go to instead of a bag of chocolate peanut M&M's, a Snickers, or any other fitness sabotage items.
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches- 140 calories
THESE . ARE . AWESOME!!! They are 140 calories I really don't think there is anything I can say that would do these sandwiches justice! Skinny Cow did not remove or reduce ANY flavor from these! You feel like you are being naughty but you aren't! Gotta love it!
Marshmallows- 90 calories
 As the label so eloquently states, marshmallows are a fat-free food! Four of these little wonders are 90 calories and taste so good roasted! Definitely a nostalgic treat! Reminds me of fall, camp, and burning wood!

Last weekend I got to spend time with my favorite guy who I affectionately call 'Muffin'  we listened to Coltrane, talked, and roasted marshmallows in my fireplace! The perfect autumn evening! 

Marshmallows on an open fire :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it you deserve it! Next Week we'll get it in WEEK THREE!!!
Have a fit-abulous weekend!!


# blackwomendoworkout


R30 Week 2- Day 5

Exercise is like mouthwash. If you can feel the burn, it’s working! -Author Unknown

Morning Brickhouses!!

Today is Thursday definitely tried to BRING IT harder this morning! I want to get the most out of the workout so I will be ready for Week 3! So far I have been trying to do as many advanced moves as possible. The cardio on circuit two with the plank jacks and mountain climbers are KILLING ME!! I haven't measured myself since the first week but I can definitely feel a change in the way my clothes are fitting and when I wake up in the morning my stomach looks slimmer! 

I know for sure I have much better endurance this week and I am aiming for ALL advanced workouts with Shelly tomorrow to finish it off STRONG!!

What types of changes are you seeing? Are the workouts getting easier to you? Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!! 


Have a fit-abulous day!!



R30 Week 2- Day 4 : I HEART Week 2

If a man [woman] achieves victory over his [her] body, who in the world can exercise power over him? He who rules himself rules over the whole world. -Vinoba Bhave

Morning Brickhouses!

It is Day 4 and boy am I sore!! My butt, thighs, shoulders, abs, arms--pretty much EVERYTHING is feeling it! But you know what? I AM LOVING IT!! I don't know if its because I did Week 1 for a week and a half, or that I never have gotten past Week 1 after having the DVD for NINE months, but I love it!

Week 2 is so challenging and the best part for me has been the fact that I can do most of the advanced workouts and can FEEL my body changing and gaining endurance! I truly can't wait until Week 3 and see what Jill and the girls have in store for us!

I tried the Designer Whey Biggest Loser Red Raspberry protein shake this morning after my workout and it was sooo good! I drank it with unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk and it was nice and sweet!

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!! You have until Friday November 4, 2011 to apply so please do an take advantage of the awesome invention that is the Blender Bottle!!LET'S GET IT!!!




R30 Week 2- Day 3: Whey to Go!!! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Energy and persistence conquer all things -Benjamin Franklin

Morning Brickhouses!!

It is Day 3 of Week two! I am feeling pretty confident after my workout this morning! I still am trying to get some of the moves down (especially the pendulum lunges, crow pushups and one leg bridges) but I can honestly say that Week 1 has prepared me for Week 2! I have been trying the advanced moves with Shelly on some of the workouts and the cardio is not nearly as hateful as in Week 1 to me!

It seems like other day I am getting an email or a FB message with someone joining! This makes me so happy to know that people are seeing our progress, our rants and raves, and are crazy enough to GET SOME OF THIS FITNESS!!! A co-worker of mine (who is a dude!! *gasp*) actually is joining, I am giving him my spare DVD from the giveaway-that-wasn't and when I get his operation name I'll post it!

Let's welcome our newest challenger:

Aminta Cross- #operationfit4life

Now on to something VERY important! I don't know how many of you read my post about what you need for R30, but I would like to STRESS to you that if you haven't picked up some type of protein shake, powder or bar, or aren't eating protein after your workout to do so ASAP!! As I stated before, with R30 we are building lean muscle mass every day. Protein is depleted after a workout and it is necessary to rebuild as soon as possible after a workout.

 Today I went to  Vitamin Shoppe to shop for YOU GUYS!!! You may not know where to start, or what to pick so I have a couple of options that are affordable, easy, and tasty!

Biggest Loser for Designer Whey

Designer Whey is a trusted name in Whey Protein and has been around since 1993. They have all types of products including liquid shakes, bars, and powders. I am not getting paid to endorse them (obviously lol) but while I was doing my research I did find an online coupon that can be helpful in motivating you to get your protein shake game up! I totally wish I had known about these coupons before today, my favorite Aria shakes are made by Designer Whey too! I spend about $50 a month on shakes! Grrrrrrr!!!

I picked up Red Raspberry! And yes those are my comfy blankets! I blog from the comfort of my bed!!
This can was on sale for $10 usually $15. They have so many other flavors that don't come in a Biggest Loser can but I am a gimmick queen and I looooovess Biggest Loser especially now that I get to see  this guy:

 Dolvett Quince the new Biggest Loser coach *SWOON*
Ladies no need to thank me. You are quite welcome! Moving on....

Aria Chocolate Milkshake
This is my trusted Aria Shake! I love the flavor and I love that is made with soy! I am a stubborn lactose intolerant so it does help that it is half and half. (50% Whey and 50% Soy). It also has nutrients designed especially for women like folic acid and calcium. I have been using this for about a year. Even before I knew you were supposed to drink it, I was using it as a meal replacement since I worked late at night. I usually pay about $12 for this and sometimes they are on sale.

Vegan Proteins- Double Chocolate
If you are vegan then this protein shake is the one for you! It is NOT The one for me! This shake tastes like plants! Blech! I don't believe that my palate is clean enough for this! When I was on my vegan tip last year (lasted about two weeks) I bought this. It is made with peas, cranberry, sprouted brown rice, alfalfa, and organic hemp. So if you don't get down with the dairy try it I am sure you will like it!
*crosses fingers for YOU*

Designer Whey- Protein 2 Go
This is something that I haven't tried yet but l thought was a genius idea! You get the same amount of protein as you would in a shake or bar and it acts as a flavor water packet! All you do is open it, pour it in a water bottle and shake!! This was $6.49 at Vitamin Shoppe and is a new product.
Just like a Crystal Light packet!
I am going to try this sometime this week! Its a great way to also get you water in for the day!

Ok so lastly I want to show you my favorite bottle of all times for my shakes, The Blender Bottle !!!! Instead of having to deal with a blender especially if you are pressed for time like I am, the Blender Bottle will be your BFF! It comes in three pieces. The bottle, whisk ball, and a top. Pour your milk or water in, along with your powder, shake that bad boy and you have a perfect, clump-free shake!
Secret Weapon!!
Blender Bottle
Because I love this thing so much, (I have one in green and blue) I will be giving away two blender bottles to my SUBSCRIBERS!! These retail anywhere from $9-$15 depending on the size. This one is a 20oz and will be the one that I giveaway! Here are the rules:
  • Must be a subscriber of the blog (Google Connect on the right-hand side)
  • Do NOT have to be doing the R30 Challenge
  • Comment with your favorite color and fantasy/favorite shake flavor
  • All entries must be received by Friday November 4, 2011 at 9:30pm (CST)
It is really simple to get in on the giveaway. The last giveaway didn't go so well so let's get it together ladies!! Good luck with the challenge and the giveaway! LET'S GET IT!!!




R30 Week 2-Day 2 : Hollerrrrrrr GET SOME!!!

Morning Brickhouses!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This weekend was awesome! Saturday at church, even though my pastor didn't preach the Minister of Music did and it was a WONDERFUL message! He spoke about 'No More Drama' and how drama only comes to you when you involve more people in a particular situation than the actual people involved. It was powerful and JUST what I needed to hear! I actually saw a young lady I hadn't spoken to in 9 months because of something that I wasn't even involved in and apologized to her. It was very liberating and I have decided (though I don't have much) that I am keeping it drama free from now on!!

After church I had dinner with my church members and a great discussion with some of the young adults from church. The food was very plentiful and verrrryyy fattening! I only had one plate and made sure I loaded my plate up with what little veggies there were!

Saturday night I hung out with one of my friends who is working on a logo for the blog! I can't wait for you guys to see it we are just working out some of the kinks!! Business turned into chill time and we built a fire, turned on some jazz, roasted marshmallows and made 100 calorie cupcakes!!

Then SUNDAY came....


Ladies!! Week 2 is Killerrrrr!! Every time we moved to a new exercise I was like WHAT THE HELL!! The warm up alone is a workout in and of itself!! On one of the circuits she takes weights away completely for strength and still lights that butt on fire! Jill got rid of Vashera :( and replaced her with Natalie, moving Shelly to the advanced workouts.

For those of you still on Week 1, my suggestion to you is that you make the most out of the workouts! Like Jill says, 'Don't phone it in!' You really need to get into the workout and get the most out of it because what you learn in Week 1 realllly helps once you move on!

Week 2 is harder obviously, but the endurance and strength from Week 1 had me trying the advanced workouts in some of the exercises! So in short, LET'S GET IT!!!

Welcome a new challenger to to the R30 Challenge:

Shante- #operationHotMama
Good luck hun :)

Have a fit-tabulous day!!


#week 2


R30 Week 1- Day 5: What's on your playlist?

Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it. -Alan Thicke

Morning Brickhouses!!

After your workout today only ONE MORE DAY OF WEEK 1!!! Woohoo!! By now you are stronger and have better endurance!! What a difference a week can make of consistently working on your fitness! I am finding that I may need to up the weights to give myself more of a challenge at some point.

This morning was probably the best workout I had all week and the reason why is because Holly (#operationByeByeBelly) is a FREAKIN GENIUS!!! She came up with the idea of muting Jill and listening to music instead! You may not be to the point where Jillian and the girls are getting on your nerves but I sure am! Jillian is awesome but she has been getting pretty annoying to me! Donna (#operationCanGetRight) told me that she has been turning her back to her TV during the workouts cause Jill was getting on her nerves!!

This morning, I turned my Black Eyed Peas Pandora radio station and GOT IT INNNNN!!! As my endurance has been building up I have noticed that my calories burned have declined steadily (I use a heart rate monitor that tracks my calories burned) but today girls, my calories burned was phenomenal because I felt like I was dancing! It was CLUB BRICKHOUSE!!! haha!!

I really really recommend making your own soundtrack to your fitness if you are getting annoyed, frustrated, or pissed off with Jillian and the girls! They mean well, they can't help it that they have rock hard, sexy bodies and Spartan-like endurance! The look and level of fitness Jill, Vashera, and Michelle have is definitely my goal but I am doing it MY WAY!!! LET'S GET IT!!!!

What will you put on your playlist? Do you think working out with music will help you?




R30 Week 1- Day 4 BUST IT!!!

You learn you can do your best even when it's hard, even when you're tired and maybe hurting a little bit.  It feels good to show some courage.  ~Joe Namath

Morning Brickhouses!!

Hope everyone is doing well this morning! I am sooooo pleased with everyone checking in and GETTING IT!! You all are doing so well and you are motivating others to do so too!! You probably never thought that you would be able to influence others to make healthy choices and work on their fitness! WELL YOU ARE! And I am so proud of each one of you!

I am Happy to introduce TWO more ladies to our challenge they are:
  • Thessicar Antoine- #operationHourGlass
  • Danielle Johnson- #operationSexyMamaCita
WELCOME these ladies to the challenge! Show your support by commenting on FB or here on the blog!!
Also don't forget if you have any questions please let me know! I am an open book and I am also here as your cheerleader, coach, and friend!! Keep it up ya'll!! LET'S GET IT!!

Have a fit-abulous day!!




R30 Week1- Day 3 Whatcha eatin'?

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." Vincent T. Lombardi 

Morning Brickhouses!!

Its Tuesday! Our THIRD day of  R30 which means we are HALF-WAY through with Week 1!! Yay!! I am super excited because as I told you before, I have never gotten past Week 1 (at least for R30) so I am ready for the challenge!!

We have THREE new challengers with us now which brings the official total to ELEVEN! I have been contacted about potentially three additional ladies joining so we'll see! So glad that word is getting out and people are ready to change their lives for the better!! Our new R30 Challengers are :
  • Anastacia Scott- #operationCokeBottle
  • Heather Vulcano- #operationHighNTyte
  • Dee Matt- #operationDoubleTake
Let's welcome these ladies if you haven't already on FB which seems to be everyone's favorite way to correspond which is definitely okay with me!

If you weren't sore yesterday, you definitely are today!! Again this is good! Pain is weakness leaving the body!! Just make sure you are doing the warm up and cool down to stretch those muscles! 

I have gotten alot of questions about the R30 meal plan and if I am following it. I already track my calories on a daily basis at MyFitnessPal and have been alotted 1460 calories per day to eat. The website has a huge database where you can track your calorie intake and has apps for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. Jillian has us on a 400 calorie per meal, 200 calorie per snack regimen during R30. From the looks of it she has protein and carbs for breakfast, and then protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

I personally find it pretty easy to follow. If you have protein at each meal it will ensure that you are satisfied until your next meal. I love fruits and veggies so I am eating them all day, mostly bananas and apples right now. If you want to see what I eat daily check out my food diary at MyFitnessPal to get an idea of what I am doing. I think you'll be surprised at what I have been able to eat (Chipotle, iced coffee) and still average 400 calories per meal or less and believe me, I AM SATISFIED! lol

One thing that I will probably post about later today is SO Delicious coconut milk. Jillian markets it because she has a financial investment in the company and she recommends you use it with the Cheerios breakfast and the Apple Berry Smoothie. I ONLY got it because it was 2 for $4 at my local Kroger, I had a coupon, and Holly (#operationByeByeBelly) recommended it. I am not a fan of the Silk Coconut Milk, it had a weird chalk taste to me and I am interested to see if I will like this. Will definitely let you ladies know! Until then...LET'S GET IT!!!

Have a fit-tabulous day!!




R30 Week 1- Day 2 It's Monday!!!

"Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens. Decision is the courageous facing of issues, knowing that if they are not faced, problems will remain forever unanswered."
--Wilferd A. Peterson

Happy Monday Brickhouses!!

You might be feeling a little sore this morning! That is to be expected possibly even until the end of the week. Holly (#operationByeByeBelly) did it for three days last week and when I saw her on Saturday she was still slightly sore!

We are manipulating muscles that may not have been used in months! Maybe even years in some cases! If you are feeling sore, wear it as a badge of progress as you get stronger and have more endurance!
The quote for this morning is so relevant to our experience in this R30 challenge and in life as we push for better health and wellness.

We must make a conscious decision each morning to get up and work on our fitness! This morning I did NOT want to get out of bed! For 20 whole minutes I talked myself out of and then back into the thought of exercising and doing R30! 'After work' I said, 'After I drop Mia at school'. I calculated how much time I would have to work out, make breakfast, and get Mia ready if I slept for 'x' amount more minutes! At the end of my internal battle I realized one day could turn into a week, could turn into a month, and even a year and I would be right back where I started, looking at all of you Brickhouses with envy because I made a decision not to work on my fitness!

Now that story may seem a little extreme ( I am known to be slightly dramatic) but the point is, these are lifestyle changes we are making. Conscious decisions to exercise, eat right, and make overall wise choices. The decision to get up this morning and work on your fitness may be inspiring to more people than just yourself! Keep that in mind! And know that if I can do it, you can too!! So let's GET SOME today!!

Have a fit-abulous day!!




R30 Week 1- Day 1

"Transformation is not a future act, it is a present activity"

Morning Brickhouses!

If you have already finished your first day of R30, you would have heard Jill say the above statement during cool down. What she said is so true and particularly fitting for our first day! 

Whatever your reason for doing this challenge please know that sticking with this program and pushing to the end of each circuit, each workout, each week until the end of the DVD aids in your transformation process. Today might have been hard for some, easy for others, intimidating for the majority (myself included) but we all have come out stronger then yesterday!!

Know that I am here for support and encouragement as are the other challengers! We are ALL in the process of our transformation so long as we don't stop and push through to the end!! So like Jill says "GET SOME!!"

Have a fit-abulous day!!

-KEF xoxo


  • Please don't forget to do your measurements, pre-R30 weight, and before pictures for your records and if you will be sharing!
  • After you finish your workout, 'check-in'  by commenting with your operation name on the blog, or FB
  • Any feelings, emotional outbursts, comments etc. please share with the challengers
  • R30 Meal Plan here
  • GET SOME!!! -Jillian Michaels


Ready? Get set..GOOO!!!! *Update 10.17.11*

Hey Brickhouses!!

We are less than two days away from our Ripped in 30: 30 Day Challenge!! Some of you may have already started to get a feel for what's to come! I did it all this week and I am ready for Jill and the girls to change outfits and get new circuits!lol

I wanted to take the time and give everyone some encouragement, tips, and let everyone know what you will need to get this weekend if you don't already have it. First things first! I want to let ya'll know who will be doing the challenge! We are here for encouragement, accountability, venting, and support so comment comment COMMENT!! And help your fitness sisters out!

Check out some of the hilarious operation tags the ladies have come up with! GET IT GIRLS!!!
*UPDATED 10.17.11*
  1. Denise Morgan - #operationBrickhouse
  2. Kristen Smith- #operationBalancedLife
  3. Holly Carrell- #operationByeByeBelly
  4. Tonika Robinson- #operationSpanxFree
  5. Precious Gentry- #operationCokeBottleModel
  6. Letesa Johnson Evans- #operationFlatTummy
  7. Rebecca "Bee" Wade- #operationMILF 
  8. Donna Martin -#operationGetRight 
  9. Heather Vulcano- #operationHighNTyte 
  10. Anastacia Scott- #operationCokeBottle 
  11. Dee Matt- #operationDoubleTake

      These operation names are funny but they are also the inspiration as to why we all are doing this! Kudos to all these ladies for stepping up in the name of better health and wellness and will look and feel FABULOUS while doing so!!

      There are a couple of things that you will need in order to complete Ripped in 30 successfully. For the things you don't have I will provide substitute options.
      For the strength portion of each circuit you will need weights. I recommend 3-5lbs to start with and work up to 8-10lb weights. For Week 1, I used my 8lb weights for circuits one and two and my 5lb weights for the last circuit that is mostly arms (my problem area). This may be the same for you, in reverse, or one type of weight for the entire thing. Substitutes: Cans, text books, bottles filled with bleach. (Some of these options don't distribute weight evenly but are good temporarily)

      Yoga Mat!
      We are going to be doing quite a bit of floor work especially during the one minute ab workouts that end each circuit. While it is not completely necessary it will make the floor more comfortable for you! Substitutes: Towel, plush blanket/throw blanket.

      H20- WATER!!
       Ladies, please stay hydrated! PLEASE PLEASE!!! Stay hydrated!! H2O is paramount to your success in fitness. It washes out toxins, it replenishes and restores, it keeps you energized! I would challenge everyone to drink a glass/bottle of water as soon as you wake up in the morning to get your body replenished first thing. And especially have some handy while you exercise. Check out this water calculator and take a quiz that will calculate how much you should be drinking based on your weight and exercise level. For my anti-water drinkers out there, there is nothing wrong with adding low calorie water packets to your water (ex: snapple, crystal lite, etc.) because you are still getting water in. We even get water from fruits and veggies! Who knew?! Substitutions: NONE!!!

      As far as nutrition is concerned, Jillian is pretty strict on what she wants you to eat during R30 in order to get maximum results. I've already done a post about RMR-Resting Metabolic Rate where you calculate how much your body needs to lose a pound or more a week just by changing your diet intake alone . Jillian recommends that each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) be no more than 400 calories and that your snacks don't exceed 200 calories. That may seem restrictive but if you have been following your RMR and counting calories your meals should already be 400 calories give or take.

      I will have to upload the PDF meal plan for R30 when I get home. Now when I go to the website that was designed for R30 it is asking for credit card info for a 30-day trial. I got the DVD back in the spring when you didn't have to enter this type of info. Feel free to pay if you want, but I should have saved it as a file on my laptop (at work) which I will share. I printed a copy way back when..

      An example of a Day on R30:

      • Breakfast- Two Eggs and Toast
      • Lunch- Salad w/ protein (chicken, steak etc)
      • Dinner- Roasted Salmon and veggies
      • Snack- Protein Bar, String Cheese and an apple
      Something that I have learned in the last six months that is EXTREMELY important is your post workout meal. It is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day if you are looking to build muscle and lose fat. This doesn't mean you can eat just anything. If you eat foods with FAT (chips, popcorn, etc) it will SLOW down your digestion and fat burning. You need to instead eat proteins and  carbs. These two nutrients are depleted as you work out and need to be replenished and moved into your muscle tissue within 30min to one hour after a workout. Common proteins are fish, meats, chicken, eggs, and peanut butter. These are fine to eat, but liquid protein is the best because it digests and replenishes faster.

      I recommend a protein shake with Whey. Most protein shakes are available at any grocery store, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. I don't drink cow's milk so I use a shake called Aria. It is formulated for a woman and is about $10-$12 depending on where you go to get it. I have tried it with water and with Silk Almond Milk but you can use whatever you want! I just love milkshakes so...

      You don't have to get the same protein shake as me, or even get a protein shake, but PLEASE eat something with protein so you your body will be replenished!

      So that's it for what you will need, besides the DVD of course! Everyone who has signed up is on fire for fitness! I plan to have a daily thought each day to get you through! We are ALL in this together, this is a community so if you are feeling tired, weary, frustrated comment about it and we will all encourage each other!

      If there was anything I didn't cover or if you have a question, please email me at melakelise@gmail.com, Facebook me, or leave a comment.

      Until Sunday ladies have a fit-abulous day!!

      LET'S GET IT!!!!



      PS. If you haven't given me your operation name please get it to me ASAP!

                                      IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE :)


      30 Day Challenge UPDATE

      Hey Brickhouses!!

      I am pleased to announce that although NO ONE has actually signed on for the giveaway, we have SEVEN confirmed ladies who will be joining the challenge and some have already gotten warmed up and tried the Week 1 workout! Thanks to the twitter PR Skills of my girl Holly over at  CurlRehab and reposts on Facebook more people are inquiring! These brave and fearless women are:
      1. Denise "Nee Nee" Morgan
      2. Kristen Smith
      3. Holly Carrell
      4. Chya Holland
      5. Tonika Robinson
      6. Precious Gentry
      7. Alicia Angrand
      We are starting this Sunday October 16, 2011 so its not too late to join in the challenge! I am willing to send someone the DVD as I already have a second one in my possession. If not, again you can purchase it at Wal-Mart, Target, or amazon.com.

      IF you are already listed or want to join I need your operation's name! The name should signify where you want to eventually be on your fitness journey. If you have read the blog mine is #operationbrickhouse Some examples include: #operationcokebottlemodel #operationsexyback #operationprebabyweight etc.
      Please comment below with your operation name or message me on Facebook! Please repost this as well because the more encouragement and accountability the better!!

      Also, some challengers will be posting pictures and measurements and are going to allow me to post them. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT!! Everyone doesn't want to, nor do they have to be transparent. It is good to take measurements and before pictures for your own satisfaction however!

      Until next time!!

      Have a fit-abulous day!! LET'S GET IT!!!




      Ripped in 30- Join the 30 Day Challenge (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

      Hello Brickhouses!!

      At the end of my last post I let you know that I would be starting Jillian Michael's:Ripped in 30 today.
      How does she manage to be scary and sexy all at once?
      This is the follow up to her ridiculously successful 30-Day Shred. (I did it in 2008 and 2009 but never completed past Week 1)

      In this DVD, she breaks it down into four weeks. There is a different workout for each week all using her
      3-2-1 method. The 3-2-1 method is :
      • THREE minutes of strength
      • TWO minutes of cardio
      • ONE minute of abs
      This allows you to get maximum fat-burning results because of the cardio intervals and a total body workout.
      If you know anything about Jillian Michaels (or Jill as I affectionately call her because she is my BFF in my head), you know that she KICKS BUTT!! Don't believe me? I looked like HELL after I did it this morning!

      Hot, sweaty, confused MESS!!
       But if you have watched Biggest Loser or used any of her DVD's consitently you know you will get results. Just take a look:

      Wow! Back flab reduction is STELLAR!!
      (R30 Day 1 is the middle photo, last photo is Day 30)
       Look at how toned she looks!
      Girlfriend's got that DROP! And it is extra toned after R30
      This was acheived in 30 DAYS!
       So as you can see, it is possible to get these type of results in 30 days. It requires a dedication, commitment, and willpower.
      Jill always says ' I have 400 pound people that do this workout YOU CAN TOO!!'

      So let's get to the GIVEAWAY!!

      I will be giving away a  Ripped in 30 DVD and the rules to win are SUPER simple!! All you have to do is:
      • Subscribe to this blog! (Google Connect in the right column)
      • Be willing to share your results with the other Brickhouses/Subscribers!
      • Giveaway ends this Thursday October 13, 2011 at 9:00pm (CST)
      That's it! Super simple! Subscribe that's it!! I will be using random.org to select a winner and it will be overnighted to you Friday October 14, 2011 so you'll have it to start with everyone for the 30 Day Challenge on Sunday/Monday.

      Jillian Michael's:Ripped in 30 is available at Target, Wal-Mart, and amazon.com. It's supposed to sell for $14.99 but I have seen it as low as $7.06 on amazon.

      I would like the 30 Day Challenge to start on this Sunday. We will have weekly check-ins and other stuff that I will have to do another post for! I am here for encouragement and actually started Week 1 today. I'll be starting Week 1 with you guys next week as well. If Mia could work a camcorder without turning it into the Mia show I would have some action shots for you guys! lol

      If you are going to participate please comment on the blog or on Facebook so I can compile a list! OMG I am so excited!! LET'S GET IT!!!!

      Have a fit-abulous day!!


      P.S Ripped in 30 will be henceforth abbreviated as R30.

      Photo Credits : http://adventuresinwomanland.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/ripped-in-30-60-30-day-results/


      Offseason Fitness

      Hey People!

      Brief hiatus on the blogosphere but I am BAAACCCK!!! I am going to try my hardest to get a blog post out at least once a week until the end of the year. Between work, school, and being a full time mom it will be a challenge but my goodness, look at all the fabulous bloggers doing the same. NO EXCUSES!!

      Its been October for almost 10 days now which means bathing suit and sundress season is only 8 months away!! (June 20th is the official day of summer 2012) We have plenty of time to have the fit-abulous, healthy bodies we all desire!

      Autumn naturally makes us desire rich, fatty, heavy comfort foods. My favorites include pretty much any baked good and of course the beloved PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!! *swoon*
      Picture enlarged to show scrumptiousness!!!
      This can be one of the most challenging times to lose weight but it can be done. Bargain shoppers, fashionistas, and frugalistas all know that this is the best time to shop for off-season goods. You can get  bathing suits, shorts, sundresses, sandals etc. extremely cheap because the stores have been gearing up for autumn and winter. These awesome finds will be so beneficial when the warm months come around! You'll be ahead of the game and save money too!

      The same concept can be applied to your fitness. If you put the work in NOW you'll be ready! One, you'll be more experienced then all the people hitting the gym come January 1st. Two, you'll have more endurance than the people who jump into fitness in March realizing summer is three months away. And three, YOU'LL BE READY and CONFIDENT to step out a healthier, toned, and energetic YOU!

      That being said, if you aren't on a regimen now get one! I'll post a sample regimen that I will be following for October next time. Until next time...

      Have a fit-abulous day!!
      -KEF xoxo

      PS. Starting tomorrow October 10th I'll be starting Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30.
      I have done her original 30 Day Shred workout in the past and got amazing results! It would be nice to have some of you do this challenge with me! Subscribe and comment if you're down!