LET'S GET IT TIGHT!!!: Home Workouts w/Coach Christian- KETTLEBELL

Morning Brickhouses!!

I have been having some technical difficulties with the pictures on the blog which is why this is so late! But its worth it, todays workout is ah-mazing!!

Tomorrow (today if you are still up) I will be testing out the new  MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker by Motorola!! I have been excited about this product ever since I got the email at work! It does so much and is much less bulky (from what I can tell) than a heart rate monitor is. Christian and I will actually be doing next week's workout with it, and I will have a full review sometime this week!!

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Do you understand how hard this position is?! You will once you try the workout!

Christian is an HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification) certified instructor and got the chance to train and learn under some of the best, so he is passionate about form, or the correct way to position oneself.

For this workout you don't necessarily have to have a kettlebell, a dumbbell will be just as effective and on some of these exercises we'll show you the proper form in case you don't have one. I got my kettlebell at TJMaxx for about $12 (10 lb) and have seen about the same price at Target, Marshalls, and Ross--I'm a frugalista!!


1. KB(Kettlebell Swings &DB (Dumbbell Swings)- 15 Swings
  • Make sure the back is flat as you start the swing, 
  • Make sure the kettlebell stays above the knees during the backswing
  • The kettlebell should form an extension of the straight arm at the top of the swing
  • The abs and glutes visibly contract at the top of the swing

2. Goblet Squat- 15 Squats
  • Pick up the kettlebell by its horns
  • Hold it next to your chest
  • Squat below parallel
  • Rest your elbows inside your knees
  • Pause and stand up

3. Get Ups- Two Reps

  • Lie on your back
  • Pick up the kettlebell with both hands, press it with one
  • Slowly stand up while keeping your loaded arm straight and vertical
  • Assist yourself by pushing into the ground with the free arm
  • Reverse

4. Round the Worlds- 15 On each side
  • Just as simple as it sounds! Hold the kettlebell/dumbbell, switching hands as it goes around your body.

5.Pushup Rows- 10 Rows
  • Start in pushup form 
  • Legs wider than hip width (Military or Modified)
  • Pushup!
  • Alternate bent-over row on each side

Another workout from Christian that delivers! This workout is literally certified!!  Do two to three sets of this workout plus cardio and you will have an amazing and effective total body workout! Check back next week for another great at home workout!! LET'S GET IT TIGHT!!!



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