LGI Healthy Business Spotlight: Positiffitea

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things." -Chaim Potok

Hey Brickhouses!!

We are a week into the Christmas holiday season and I am in an extra festive mood!! Yesterday Mia and I baked cookies and decorated our tree!! And for the first time in my adult life, its a  REAL tree!!!

If you have been following us on Facebook, you may already know that I am highlighting amazing fitness products that will be beneficial on anyone's fitness journey and included on my personal wishlist. (*Hint hint*) I am calling it the "25 Days of a Fit-Christmas." Some of them will be included as a giveaway so check back daily!! Yesterday, I highlighted the MOTOACTV Fitness tracker and today for our second day of  the "25 Days of a Fit-Christmas", the tea company,  Positiffitea

A couple of weeks ago on my birthday Muffin gave me an AMAZING gift basket. It had some all natural products, a book, and beautiful canister of Chai tea! 

My Birthday Basket! He is so thoughtful :)

Muffin gave me an explanation of everything in the basket down to the color of the tissue paper and the bowl (made of a melted record) my gifts sat in! He explained to me that he had met, Tiffany, the owner of the tea company, and that this was "healthy tea." I had always thought that all tea was healthy and wanted to know more.

After tasting the tea that night and the next morning, I reached out to Tiffany. I gushed to her about the Chillin' Chai's spiciness on FB, we exchanged messages, and she invited me to a tea tasting where she would be showcasing her new holiday blends. 

The tea tasting was going to be at a coffee shop in Murfreesboro, TN, called JoZoara's Coffee Shop. I had passed it a couple of times as I ran errands in the shopping center where it was located but never went in. It looked like an eclectic hometown coffee shop from the outside, and when I got inside that is just what I found! 

This picture doesn't do JoZoara's justice! This place is BEAUTIFUL!!
JoZoara's has excellent lighting, vaulted ceilings and gives off a modern yet rustic feel! To sum it up, the shop, atmosphere and staff were so inviting!!

Tiffany and some other tea tasters were nestled in the back, seated at a large table with an array of Positiffitea products. As soon as Tiffany saw me she gave me a "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Nice to meet ya!" and made me feel instantly welcome! Just from the couple of seconds I was able to see her in motion, I knew where "positive" came into play for the name of her tea company. The woman oozed it!!

Tiffany, a tea taster, and me

Positiffitea goodies and another tea taster
Throughout the hour and a half I spent with Tiffany we talked about yoga, writing, art and painting, fitness, school, rock climbing, Muffin, marathon running, Mia, blogs, finance, food, networking, small businesses, social networking, vision boards, weight loss, finding your niche and POSITIVITY! And somewhere along the way we talked tea ...

So how did Positiffitea come about? What made you start this business?
Well, for the past five to six years I had been researching and studying teas and their health benefits for myself.  I was studying the roots, flowers, herbs, barks and plants and their benefits by way of Chinese medicine and their naturopathic methods. When my friends would have headaches for instance, I would research natural ways to combat them. My friends would tell me how they worked and that I should go into business for myself, so in 2010 I did!

So because of the healthy benefits Positiffitea is a healthy tea company. Cool! I never knew that teas could be unhealthy!
Every tea that I make has no artificial sweeteners, no artifical flavoring, no NOTHING added! This is not the case with a lot of the teas that we buy and drink. All of my teas are simply the herbs, leaves, and the actual tea. I am trying to make the teas taste really awesome so no one has to add milk, sugar, or anything to them, and they can just enjoy the tea!

Posing! And tasting some tea WITHOUT sugar!! Yumm!!
(So I tried my beloved Chillin' Chai without sugar and milk like I normally have it, and was surprised that it was still tasty without anything added!)

So what did you put in it so that it would be sweet?
I used licorice root in the Chillin Chai' and, depending on the flavor of the base tea, I research sweet roots or herbs to make the teas taste awesome!

Brewed Tea- Loose Style!!

Loose Tea ... its what's in your tea bag!!

(Pointing to huge jug of tea) What is this for?
This is how I brew loose leaf tea! Anyone can do it; you don't need any special equipment. Just get some hot water, put some loose leaf tea in it and allow it to steep just like you would with a tea bag. Steeping tea this way allows everything to absorb and freely expand in the water. With a tea bag it is not as thorough or full but you are still getting health benefits either way!

What do you suggest for people who aren't comfortable with loose leaf tea?
You can buy a strainer anywhere food ware is sold, and soon, I will be providing strainers for people who buy loose leaf teas! I sell all of my teas in tea bag form so people have a choice when they buy.
Check out strainers online here, here, and here (cheapest).
Tell me about the art on the canister. Was this specifically for cover art or are you an artist?
Yeah, I had actually  painted this and wanted to use something that evokes positivity, so I  chose this. In everything I like to incorporate a  positive mindset. I like to take everything I find valuable in life that I find good for balancing and lifestyle and use it for this company! I want people to pick these up and smile.

How do you feel your teas can make an impact on someone who is looking to have a healthier lifestyle?
To have a healthier lifestyle you have to have a positive mind, which is key. It's all in your mindset. The concept of this is to pass on positive vibes and energy and really enjoy life.  You don't need to add any sweeteners or anything that is harmful to your body. My teas are natural, give you energy, make you feel good when you drink them and helps your brain (depending on the tea). The health benefits of the teas plus a positive mindset is what these teas and this company is all about. I just took the things that I was passionate about and made a business out of it, and I LOVE IT!!

Besides learning about the health benefits of tea, I had a BLAST talking with Tiffany! It is small business owners like Tiffany, who make you feel like an old friend instead of a potential client, that I love so much! I have no problem purchasing from someone who is not only passionate about her product, but also aims to help people in the process--and that is just what Positiffitea aims to do! 

Goofing like old friends!!

Tiffany is partnering with us for the "25 Days of a Fit-Christmas"  first giveaway!! Two lucky people will receive a canister of tea (bagged or loose leaf) as well as a sample of her holiday tea blends! To qualify you must do the following:
  • Check out the Positiffitea website here to get to know the blends.
  • Like both Positiffitea and LGI Fitness by KEF on Facebook.
  • Tell Tiffany we sent you by writing "LGI Sent me" with your favorite flavor on the Positiffitea's FB wall.
  • Winners will be chosen Friday, December 16, 2011, by 5pm (CST).
You do not want to miss out on this giveaway so LIKE, LIKE, SHARE, SHARE!!! LET'S GET IT!!!

Have a fit-abulous weekend!!


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