LET'S GO H-2-O!!!

Today'sWorkout: 3.08 miles/ Supreme 90- Rest Day

Heyy Brickhouses!!

Today I am going to talk about the importance of hydrating when working out and then I'll practice what I preach!!
Today's running workout was 3x harder than the last three days. My legs felt like lead and I had to have stopped every 50 feet after I hit 1.5 miles. I even stopped to tweet a couple times, that's how slow I was going. If you look at my pace, I actually did better overall (11:17, yesterday 11:53) and finished four minutes sooner, but it sure didn't feel like it.

I kept asking myself while I was running what I was doing different today then I did yesterday. Same layers, same shoes, one less workout (today is my Supreme 90 rest day), same trail. In the back of my head I kept telling myself, "Boy I wish I had some water!, Dang I'm thirsty as hell!, Why don't they put water fountains on this trail? Don't they know people get thirsty?" After about 30 minutes and 2.5 miles of this I realized DUH!! I didn't drink nearly as much water this morning as I have done for the last three days. 

My trusty 32 oz bottle

  1.  I didn't do Supreme 90 this morning and it recommends that you drink four cups of water IMMEDIATELY after you get out of bed and by days end I should have three liters (12 cups) of water. This morning I only had eight ounces because...
  2. I left my 32oz water jug in the car overnight and when I came back it was frozen SOLID!! On the way to drop Mia off for school it loosened up a bit and I got a couple of sips, but not even an ounce worth!
After I finished my workout, I immediately went to the fridge and guzzled ALL the water that was in my Brita jug, and then had a wonderful chocolate banana peanut butter protein shake! Yummm!!

Soo tasty! NO LIE!!

Post-Workout Recovery Shake: 
-1 cup of almond milk,
-1 tbsp of peanut butter 
-1 frozen banana
-1 scoop chocolate protein powder

As I sat down to enjoy my uber-delicious shake, I did some research on why H2O is so important and got to the bottom of why my run sucked!!

According to ShapeFit.com :

Water is the most abundant ingredient in the human body through all phases of growth and development. Every system in your body depends on water to function. 

  • Water is essential to your body's temperature regulation, keeping it cool through perspiration.
  • Water helps maintain a healthy weight.
  • Water is an important part of your daily bodily functions, so it is important to continually replenish it. 
  • Each day, your body loses 2-3 quarts of water through sweat, urination, excretion and breathing. The body loses even more water if you exercise, live in hot or dry climates, consume high fiber diets, and consume caffeine or alcohol.
  • It is recommended to drink 8-10 cups of fluid a day, adding more water if any of the previously stated situations apply.

So there you have it, DRINK WATER! If you weren't a believer before I suggest you get with the program! Even though we hear about water's benefits ALL the time, this experience with running taught me a valuable lesson...HYDRATE!!

I am also thinking about investing in either a water backpack or a water belt as my runs will be getting longer as I get closer to marathon time.

Are you a huge water drinker? How much water do you drink or attempt to drink on average?



  1. I never drink as much water as I should. I usually remember to drink it right before bed when I actually feel thirsty. Then I can't drink too much or I will have to use the bathroom all night! Thanks for the reminder:)

  2. I don't drink as often as I should I have a 2 liter water bottle at work (32oz) that I try to drink during the day. But I work a desk job and hardly ever feel thirsty. I have to force myself.

    I noticed that I made a bigger effort to drink a ton of water when I was doing my month of Bikram Yoga. Because it's 90mins of pouring sweat and when you drink water at the end it's like "I'VE DISCOVERED THE NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!" and nothing has ever tasted so good!

    But it's part of my goals this month/year to drink more water and drink more green tea as well.

  3. So I am a big water drinker but I fail on a lot all the time. I am firm believer in it!

  4. Drinking enough water has become some a weak point, but i need to get it together!

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by. My wall will not be grey like in the picture its more of a brownish taupe color. Glad you like them! :)


  6. I'm a huge fan of water. I'm one of those gals you'll see at the gym with the gallon water jug! I try to drink 1/2 gallon or more water a day depends on my workouts and my mood. I too can't get a good workout if I'm not fully hydrated.

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