LET'S GET IT TIGHT!!!: Home Workouts w/ Coach Christian-- TABATA

Morning Brickhouses!!

Its the beginning of a new week and exactly 20 days until Christmas!! Don't forget to check out the Facebook page daily for giveaways and ideas for fitness gifts for the active person (and/or yourself) in your life! Our current giveaway is open until December 16, 2011, check it out here.

This week for my workouts I plan to work out with Christian at least twice this week, and continue
Healthy Girl!'s 100 Miles for the Holidays Challenge. As it stands, I have already gotten in about 21 miles and we have three weeks until Christmas. I don't know if I will be able to log the 26.33 miles per week it will take to get to 100 by Christmas but I can get there by New Year's!!

This week Christian is bringing a Tabata workout. I had heard this workout discussed before on My Fitness Pal, but never have tried it myself. Before the workout Christian explained that Tabata simply means, "20 seconds on, 10 seconds off". One muscle group worked for 20 seconds at a time, 5 reps total, with 10 second breaks in between. This workout is 15 minutes in all but pushes your muscle groups to the max and with consistent work, leaves you toned and tight! LET'S GET IT!!!


1. Pushups-   You know the drill!! Pick a style, ANY Style!!
5 reps: 20 secs work/10sec rest

Start low touching the ground..
Rise up...
 2. Star Jumps- Start in wide squat, jump up and EXPLODE!!
5 reps: 20 secs work/10sec rest

Get into crunch position, legs extended half-way, butt off floor...
Straighten legs while maintaining contraction...
Explode up!! Moving lower body towards chest
 3. Reverse Crunch - Maintain crunch contraction, straighten legs, explode up towards chest
5 reps: 20 secs work/10sec rest

Jump with a  Jumprope...
or Jump with Dumbbells...
or simply JUMP UP!!
 4. Jump Rope- Pick a style, ANY style! JUST JUMP!!
5 reps: 20 secs work/10sec rest

That face...
Lift and Lower..
 5.Dumbbell Curls- Simply lift up towards chest, then lower down
5 reps: 20 secs work/10sec rest

So there you have it...TABATA!!! You will definitely sweat and exert alot of energy with this workout! Take a look at some of my faces and you'll already know!! A 15 minute Tabata workout, plus cardio exercises such as running/jogging/walking, elliptical, stair master etc., at least three times a week is a great routine if you are looking for an effective workout! Check back next week for more!! LET'S GET IT!!!




  1. Oh man, I love and hate tabata all at the same time. I've posted a bunch on my site if you're interested :P
    The only difference is that it goes for 8 rounds for a total of 4 mins per station.

    So awesome!

  2. *giggles* Coach Christian is cute!


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