Let's Take a Long Walk...

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    Exercise in the open air should be prescribed as a life-giving necessity . EGW

In January I joined an events club that happened to have a lot of outdoor activities like white water rafting, zip-lining, and hiking. I signed up for a "hike" and ended up at the Percy Priest Dam and Greenway. The Greenway connects trails all over Middle Tennessee and can take you as far as downtown Nashville. I fell in love with the area with its flowing river and captivating greenery. Nature simply brings me closer to God.

First trip to the Greenway in January.  About a half mile walk from my new apartment complex.

There is just something about the quietness of nature. The way you as a visitor, take to the trails with respect for the sounds of life around you. If alone, its just you the captivating beauty of God's creation and your thoughts. Often my mind wanders to questions of what God was thinking when he made all of His creation and how fortunate I am to have a taste of whats in store when in Heaven.

Guess Who?

Surround him with the beautiful things of nature; place him where he can see the flowers growing and hear the birds singing, and his heart will break into song in harmony with the songs of the birds. Relief will come to body and mind. The intellect will be awakened, the imagination quickened, and the mind prepared to appreciate the beauty of God's word.- Ellen G White

I've been dealing with a lot of internal struggles lately and my walks on the Greenway are starting to be used as another avenue of worship with my Creator. If you can take a break from the fitness DVD and the gym and get outdoors for some one-on-one time with Him and some natural therapy and exercise for yourself :)

Have a fit-abulous day!! xoxo

PS. HUGE S/O to my blog followers  Rebecca, Winsome Smith, vkmnt, and dnmorg10. These ladies are ready to GET IT!! If you enjoy what you have learned and read here please join in the fun and fitness!

EGW Quotes found at http://lifestylelaboratory.com/articles/ellen-white/contact-with-nature.html

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