30 Day Challenge UPDATE

Hey Brickhouses!!

I am pleased to announce that although NO ONE has actually signed on for the giveaway, we have SEVEN confirmed ladies who will be joining the challenge and some have already gotten warmed up and tried the Week 1 workout! Thanks to the twitter PR Skills of my girl Holly over at  CurlRehab and reposts on Facebook more people are inquiring! These brave and fearless women are:
  1. Denise "Nee Nee" Morgan
  2. Kristen Smith
  3. Holly Carrell
  4. Chya Holland
  5. Tonika Robinson
  6. Precious Gentry
  7. Alicia Angrand
We are starting this Sunday October 16, 2011 so its not too late to join in the challenge! I am willing to send someone the DVD as I already have a second one in my possession. If not, again you can purchase it at Wal-Mart, Target, or amazon.com.

IF you are already listed or want to join I need your operation's name! The name should signify where you want to eventually be on your fitness journey. If you have read the blog mine is #operationbrickhouse Some examples include: #operationcokebottlemodel #operationsexyback #operationprebabyweight etc.
Please comment below with your operation name or message me on Facebook! Please repost this as well because the more encouragement and accountability the better!!

Also, some challengers will be posting pictures and measurements and are going to allow me to post them. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT!! Everyone doesn't want to, nor do they have to be transparent. It is good to take measurements and before pictures for your own satisfaction however!

Until next time!!

Have a fit-abulous day!! LET'S GET IT!!!




  1. #operationsexymommy

    Lmao any one those will do I'm dizzown!

  2. Haha!! I love those names! I am leaning towards #operationmilf even though you already are one :)


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