Ready? Get set..GOOO!!!! *Update 10.17.11*

Hey Brickhouses!!

We are less than two days away from our Ripped in 30: 30 Day Challenge!! Some of you may have already started to get a feel for what's to come! I did it all this week and I am ready for Jill and the girls to change outfits and get new circuits!lol

I wanted to take the time and give everyone some encouragement, tips, and let everyone know what you will need to get this weekend if you don't already have it. First things first! I want to let ya'll know who will be doing the challenge! We are here for encouragement, accountability, venting, and support so comment comment COMMENT!! And help your fitness sisters out!

Check out some of the hilarious operation tags the ladies have come up with! GET IT GIRLS!!!
*UPDATED 10.17.11*
  1. Denise Morgan - #operationBrickhouse
  2. Kristen Smith- #operationBalancedLife
  3. Holly Carrell- #operationByeByeBelly
  4. Tonika Robinson- #operationSpanxFree
  5. Precious Gentry- #operationCokeBottleModel
  6. Letesa Johnson Evans- #operationFlatTummy
  7. Rebecca "Bee" Wade- #operationMILF 
  8. Donna Martin -#operationGetRight 
  9. Heather Vulcano- #operationHighNTyte 
  10. Anastacia Scott- #operationCokeBottle 
  11. Dee Matt- #operationDoubleTake

      These operation names are funny but they are also the inspiration as to why we all are doing this! Kudos to all these ladies for stepping up in the name of better health and wellness and will look and feel FABULOUS while doing so!!

      There are a couple of things that you will need in order to complete Ripped in 30 successfully. For the things you don't have I will provide substitute options.
      For the strength portion of each circuit you will need weights. I recommend 3-5lbs to start with and work up to 8-10lb weights. For Week 1, I used my 8lb weights for circuits one and two and my 5lb weights for the last circuit that is mostly arms (my problem area). This may be the same for you, in reverse, or one type of weight for the entire thing. Substitutes: Cans, text books, bottles filled with bleach. (Some of these options don't distribute weight evenly but are good temporarily)

      Yoga Mat!
      We are going to be doing quite a bit of floor work especially during the one minute ab workouts that end each circuit. While it is not completely necessary it will make the floor more comfortable for you! Substitutes: Towel, plush blanket/throw blanket.

      H20- WATER!!
       Ladies, please stay hydrated! PLEASE PLEASE!!! Stay hydrated!! H2O is paramount to your success in fitness. It washes out toxins, it replenishes and restores, it keeps you energized! I would challenge everyone to drink a glass/bottle of water as soon as you wake up in the morning to get your body replenished first thing. And especially have some handy while you exercise. Check out this water calculator and take a quiz that will calculate how much you should be drinking based on your weight and exercise level. For my anti-water drinkers out there, there is nothing wrong with adding low calorie water packets to your water (ex: snapple, crystal lite, etc.) because you are still getting water in. We even get water from fruits and veggies! Who knew?! Substitutions: NONE!!!

      As far as nutrition is concerned, Jillian is pretty strict on what she wants you to eat during R30 in order to get maximum results. I've already done a post about RMR-Resting Metabolic Rate where you calculate how much your body needs to lose a pound or more a week just by changing your diet intake alone . Jillian recommends that each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) be no more than 400 calories and that your snacks don't exceed 200 calories. That may seem restrictive but if you have been following your RMR and counting calories your meals should already be 400 calories give or take.

      I will have to upload the PDF meal plan for R30 when I get home. Now when I go to the website that was designed for R30 it is asking for credit card info for a 30-day trial. I got the DVD back in the spring when you didn't have to enter this type of info. Feel free to pay if you want, but I should have saved it as a file on my laptop (at work) which I will share. I printed a copy way back when..

      An example of a Day on R30:

      • Breakfast- Two Eggs and Toast
      • Lunch- Salad w/ protein (chicken, steak etc)
      • Dinner- Roasted Salmon and veggies
      • Snack- Protein Bar, String Cheese and an apple
      Something that I have learned in the last six months that is EXTREMELY important is your post workout meal. It is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day if you are looking to build muscle and lose fat. This doesn't mean you can eat just anything. If you eat foods with FAT (chips, popcorn, etc) it will SLOW down your digestion and fat burning. You need to instead eat proteins and  carbs. These two nutrients are depleted as you work out and need to be replenished and moved into your muscle tissue within 30min to one hour after a workout. Common proteins are fish, meats, chicken, eggs, and peanut butter. These are fine to eat, but liquid protein is the best because it digests and replenishes faster.

      I recommend a protein shake with Whey. Most protein shakes are available at any grocery store, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. I don't drink cow's milk so I use a shake called Aria. It is formulated for a woman and is about $10-$12 depending on where you go to get it. I have tried it with water and with Silk Almond Milk but you can use whatever you want! I just love milkshakes so...

      You don't have to get the same protein shake as me, or even get a protein shake, but PLEASE eat something with protein so you your body will be replenished!

      So that's it for what you will need, besides the DVD of course! Everyone who has signed up is on fire for fitness! I plan to have a daily thought each day to get you through! We are ALL in this together, this is a community so if you are feeling tired, weary, frustrated comment about it and we will all encourage each other!

      If there was anything I didn't cover or if you have a question, please email me at melakelise@gmail.com, Facebook me, or leave a comment.

      Until Sunday ladies have a fit-abulous day!!

      LET'S GET IT!!!!



      PS. If you haven't given me your operation name please get it to me ASAP!

                                      IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE :)


      1. Go Kenda!!!! This sounds exciting! Best of luck to everyone participating!! :)

      2. Thanks Danielle!! It is exciting and we appreciate the support!!

      3. Hello! I meant to let you know last week that id be joining the R30 challenge. Ive had this dvd for possibly a year now and have been stuck on the 1st week, lol (Jill is a beast). Anyhow...LOVE everyones operation tags! I think I'm goin with "operationDoubleTake.

      4. Welcome Dee!! Girl me too! I have NEVER gotten past Week 1 either so it will be a challenge for all of us!! Love your operation name!! Let me know if you have any questions!!


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