Healthy Girl! Fridays: END OF R30 Challenge!!!

Morning Brickhouses! TGIF!!!

It is Friday which means my sister Kyla from Healthy Girl! will be answer your questions about health and fitness every Friday in 'Healthy Girl! Speaks'. If you didn't see it before, she has an amazing story and journey and is currently pursuing her degree in Exercise Science!

Before we get started with the first Healthy Girl! Friday I would like to declare:

My last workout for Week 4 happened this morning! It was a bittersweet experience! I have learned so much and my body is capable of doing so much more then would have ever imagined!  The credits played after the very LAST cool down and I realized Vashera's name is actually Basheera Ahmad and she is a world- renowned celebrity fitness trainer, aerobics instructor, fitness model, life coach and so much more!

My girl Bee!!!

I immediately added her as a friend on Facebook, followed her on twitter, went to her website, signed up for her daily emails, and found her current address and cell number...LOL  Chick is BAD!! I want to be just like her when I am done with my journey, hopefully one day I can either meet her and be trained by her, or interview her!! Ahh I love that chick she is MOTIVATION!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the women who joined in on the R30 Challenge! If you aren't quite finished please STICK WITH IT!! Need some encouragement? Click here this message is for YOU!!! I will be posting my BEFORE and AFTER'S next week sometime. I don't know where my pre-R30 measurements are though, hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves!!

Healthy Girl! Speaks

Q. I don't have access to a gym, or have extra money to shell out on DVD's. What can I do to get and stay in shape? PS. I hate running!

A: No Gym, No Problem!! If you have the internet, you have a wealth of free fitness knowledge at your fingertips.

If you go to Hulu.com and go to the Health and Wellness Section, they have free workouts, from the ENVY Girls Workouts (which I love!), to Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and Strength Training from Giam. They even have workouts from Jillian MichaelsDenise Austin, and even The Situation's workouts (from Jersey Shore).

You could also go to Youtube and check out the POP Pilates workouts, which are short, sweet and will kick your butt. But for some seriously helpful/ insane workouts, look no further than my absolute favorite site BodyRock.TV, these workouts will give you the absolute best results. But don't let Zuzanna's body deter you, all she does is train!

The most important thing you can do with any program is stick with it, because the end result will be worth the hard work!

Thanks for dropping by Kyla! Make sure you check out her blog for more fitness tips, she gives them daily! If you have a question for 'Healthy Girl! Speaks' submit a question to her blog with LGI Fitness written someplace or email me at lgifitnessbykef@gmail.com.

Have a fit-abulous weekend!!


P.S. Holly [#operationByeByeBelly] and I are doing the Nashville Mayor's Challenge 5k on Sunday! Neither of us have trained like we should so pray for us! Full recap and pics to come!! LET'S GET IT!!!


  1. Re: the 5k. You can always walk when you can't run!

  2. Yea I plan to! That's the only thing I can do!! Haha! I am sure we'll be fine!


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