R30 Week 4- Day 3: Its never too late!

"Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent." -- by Marilyn von Savant

Morning Brickhouses!!!

On Sunday I started the LAST week of the R30 Challenge. WEEK FOUR BAYBEEE!!! It has been a tremendous, challenging and enlightening journey! I have gained so much endurance and strength and feel like since I have [almost] conquered the entire DVD, I am ready to move on and challenge myself more on my fitness journey.

To the ladies who started the R30 challenge:

Please know that just because you might feel defeated, or the things of life may have gotten in your way preventing you from moving forward, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Don't give up!! No matter if you stopped Week 1 or got discouraged in Week 3, pick yourself up and MAKE THE CHANGE! Don't look at me, or any other person that you may feel is "ahead" of you on their fitness journey. We all have our OWN paths, we all have our OWN struggles. No two people will go at the same pace because we are all unique! I just want to encourage you today to FINISH what you start and you WILL see results!! It is NEVER too late to pick up again, start, or move forward! STAY ENCOURAGED!!

If you have just learned about the R30 Challenge or are wondering where to start, Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels is an ideal place to start! In four weeks your body will be challenged in ways you never imagined but the benefit will be better strength and endurance and you will be ready for phase two of your journey! To begin moving is the first step to a healthier you. LET'S GET IT!!!

Have a fit-abulous day!!




  1. O MG thank goodness its never too late cause ya girl OperationCokeBottle has to start over. I hit a serious rough patch but want to start again. Thanks for the encouragement girl : )

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Ken... I fell off during week 2 BUT I need to get myself in check! XOXO -Chya

  3. I am glad to have given some encouragement! You two ladies are some of the strongest women I know! You got this!!


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