R30 Week 3- Day 5: It's ALRIGHT!!

"Consult not your fears, but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you have tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do" 
-Author Unknown

Morning Brickhouses!!

Its Thursday!! OMG I can't wait until the weekend and to be DONE with Week 3's hellaciousness!! lol This weekend Holly (#operationByeByeBelly) and I are going to a natural hair meetup in Chattanooga sponsored by Domonique of All Things O'Natural. It's my first meet up since I have gone natural and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Tuesday I got to go to the Ledisi concert at the Cannery Ballroom here in Nashville. It was SO Amazing!! Not only did I feel like I was at a natural hair convention but I also got to see beautiful black people wall to wall in that place! Ledisi did an AH-MAZING job! I liked her before but I LOVE her now! She is so raw, funny, entertaining, talented, humble and real! Her music really spoke to me and I took away so much.

LEDISI!! I was really close but the camera on my phone sucks!!
 In her last song "Alright", she told the story of how the song even came to be. She was living on the floor of someones home wanting to just give up on a career in the music industry and life in general. She called her mom and her mother gave her a spirit lifting conversation that left Ledisi feeling grateful for what she had been going through and hopeful of her future. Soon after she wrote "Alright"  the album was nominated for two Grammy's! Her next album was also nominated for a Grammy and she is currently headlining her OWN tour after 12 years in the industry as well as receiving a host of accolades and awards.

She left us with three things that she stated are her secrets to success. You know I wrote it down! lol
  1. Leap out on faith
  2. Love yourself (BGTY-Be good to yourself)
  3. Be careful of who and what you allow in your personal space. Not everyone deserves your presence.
Can you imagine what might have happened if she had given up and not followed her dream? She might still be sleeping on the floor of her friend's house down in the dumps, upset about not being able to make it! She pushed forward and her story is such motivation to me and can be applied to SO many different areas of my life. I left that ballroom LIFTED! Today I am applying this to my journey for optimal fitness, also to being the best mommy I can be, the best student I can be, the best motivator I can be, and the person that I can be! LET'S GET IT!!!

What people and stories have inspired you? What dreams have you placed on hold or are deferred because of frustration and disappointment?

Everyone have a fit-abulous day! Be inspired and encouraged by "Alright" by Ledisi :)



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