R30- Week 3-Day 4: CONFESSION!!!

"You have only failed when you quit trying until then you are still in the act of progression. So you never stop trying and you'll never be a failure." -Tommy Kelley

Morning Brickhouses!!

 It is late afternoon [yesterday] and I just had a crazy experience that I had to share with you since I have it on my heart. I work for a large wireless provider in a call center. It is very hard work emotionally. Alot of my co-workers are unhealthy, out of shape, and overweight. We sit all day, snack, and don't have too many healthy options in our vending machines. Customers screaming at you and demanding credits and free phones can really take a toll on your spirit.

Today [yesterday] I had a phone call that lasted FOUR HOURS AND FORTY THREE MINUTES!!! I don't think I need to put that into perspective for you! I think any call that long with ANYONE is outrageous. It was nerve racking, stress inducing, and emotionally draining. As a result I made a bad emotional decision.

I ate a lamb gyro WITH the creamy cucumber sauce, EXTRA feta cheese AND FRENCH FRIES!!!

It was an error in judgement and sooo stupid! Immediately after I wolfed my food down I felt bad!
  1. I don't eat meat (I am a pescetarian)
  2. Gyro's are grilled in an unknown FATTY oil
  3. Creamy = FAT
  4. Fried anything = FAT
Now I am all for the reward meal (I did a post about my favorite reward treats here) once or twice a week. What I did and why I am confessing is because I KNOWINGLY and CONSCIOUSLY ate over half of a days worth of calories because I let my emotions get the best of me.

If I am going to CHANGE, If I am going to do things DIFFERENTLY, If I want to MOTIVATE and make a DIFFERENCE in my community and home I have to start with me. Now will the meal today break all the progress I have made? Of course not! But just like it only takes one workout to inspire change, it only takes ONE misguided lapse in judgement to put me right back where you started!

Do you have any habit that you struggle with that has been hard to break? What do you do to counter attack it?

Have a fit-abulous day!! And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!




  1. Great post!! Your so motivating!! Keep up the good work.

  2. *sigh* we all mess up sometimes girl. Shake it off, push the next days workout, and get back on the wagon!!!


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