RIP Joe Frazier 1944-2011: "Get up one more time than you have been knocked down"

RIP Joe "Smoking Joe" Fraizer 1944- 2011

Former heavyweight champion and 1964 Olympic gold medalist Joe Frazier died today at his home in Philly at the age of 67. Rest in Jesus sir!!

Boxers always have been a huge motivation to me because of their dedication to honing their craft. Training for boxing is extremely intense, aggressive, and requires relentless pressure towards your opponent.The little bit of kick boxing I have done pales in comparison to the hours of training boxers put in to perfect their hooks,jabs and a host of other moves.

In relation to a fitness journey, the relentless nature of a boxer can be applied. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. There are too many amazing quotes in this video that can apply to your fitness journey. Check it out!

If that didn't motivate you, check your pulse!! I kinda feel like getting in the ring right now!! haha! LET'S GET IT!!!



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