Healthy Girl! Fridays: Happy Holidays!!


Heyyyy Brickhouses!!

TGIF!! And happy pre-Christmas Eve!!Two days till Christmas! Wooohoo!!
Wanna know what got me just a tad bit more into the Christmas spirit? Two things...

#1 Standing in the long procrastination last-minute shopper line at Best Buy with Jam and Mia..

Jam and Mia

The rushed and panicked look of shoppers makes me chuckle! Jam and I took Mia WITH us to pick up her presents (except for Buzz Lightyear, which she's been asking for since we got Toy Story 3 on DVD in July). She knows about the concept of Santa but also knows that "Ma-Daddy"( her name for us when we are all together LOL) are in charge of the WHOLE Christmas operation!

#2 Trader Joe's Eggnog Almonds!!

OH-EM-GEEE!! Yess Joe! Yesss!!

Instant merriness, jolliness and good cheer! NO. JOKE. I love chomping on legumes (peanuts, almonds, cashews, trail mix etc) for healthy snacking purposes but add my favorite seasonal beverage and it takes it to a whole nother' level!! Kudos to Trader Joe's for being visionaries and Kat for being an impulse shopper!!

Tonight after work and choir practice, I will be wrapping gifts! My mommy (never graduated to Mom or Ma) sent a package with me and Mia's presents as well so that filled me with an extra dosage of good cheer!

I know the title says "Healthy Girl Fridays" but I am giving Kyla, who got a 3.77 GPA this semester by the way, another break! In the New Year you can expect consistent Q&A from our resident pre-Med/Exercise Science major! Here is some tumblr gold I found on her blog which if you have never visited, can check out here.

Kyla, her BF Bri-Guy and their penguin child wish you a Merry Christmas!

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? If you aren't what activities/experiences help with that?


P.S. The almonds I mentioned above are 230 calories for 1/4 cup. Enjoy at your own risk!

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  1. Oh no! Another Trader Joe's treat!! I love their Christmas items... it's a good thing they only have them once a year - and an even better thing that their parking lot was so crowded yesterday I didn't want to drive in!

    Holiday spirit is in my house! Love it!

  2. Visiting from fitness friday... all my siblings are gathering today at my parents, so I'm getting in the spirit, too!

  3. Sorry you have to work today:( Thanks for the rant, now don't you feel better? Following back!

  4. man, those eggnog almonds look sooooo good! i wish we had a trader joes! thanks for stooping by my blog! getfit

  5. Is that your little girl? What a cutie!!!! I just got totally Christmas-spirited out at Target tonight :P Love those Holiday Reminders! Thanks for sharing that link to Kyla's blog...she has really recreated herself! Wow.

  6. I love Trader Joes but haven't tried the eggnog almonds. Yum!

    Loving the holiday spirit!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday :)

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  7. I love anything holiday from Trader Joe's. Thanks for the portion reminder.

    I love that Holiday Reminder image. Excellent.

    Have a fantastic Christmas!

    I'm a new reader from Jill's blog hop, thanks for visiting my blog, too! I look forward to reading more!

  8. @Amy I don't think there is ever a time when Trader Joe's is not packed where I live in Nashville! Especially on the weekends and holidays!
    @Laura Out of town family is always great for the holidays! I bet ya'll are having a blast!
    @Hikermom I will be participating in your rants every Friday it did make me feel better that I wasn't ranting alone!
    @getfitchick They were so good!!
    @XL yes that's my baby girl! And Kyla is my little sister but a BIG inspiration to me I am glad you like her blog!
    @Jill thanks for providing a platform for fitness bloggers to meet and learn! I had a blast on Friday meeting all of these wonderful ladies!!
    @Carrie Trader Joe's ALWAYS has the best holiday food innovations! LOL

    Thank you ladies for dropping by! I have followed all of your blogs and I am looking forward to more from each and every one of you!

    Happy Holidays :)

  9. Mia is my daughter's name, too! I love it. Trader Joe's is a godsend. I am in the spirit with my 6 yr old and my 18 mo old around. Hard not to be!


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