Next Up: 90-Day Workout for 2012

Heyyy Brickhouses!! It's Sunday Funday!!

Mia had surgery on Thursday so I have been in the house the majority of the weekend tending to my poor baby! She had her tonsils and adenoids removed (they were enlarged ,causing sleep apnea) and is really feeling the pain! Half the time she is drugged up on her meds, but when she is awake she is a groggy, slobbering mess! Two weeks of pain and open mouth snoring and then my Mia and me will be able to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep!!

Today I'll be spending quality time with Mia, cleaning, and writing, but I wanted to show you what I got in the mail recently! Besides training for my first half marathon, I will be doing this for the first quarter of 2012:


I saw the commercial for Supreme 90 Day last year probably on late night television and I liked what I saw because of the price ($19.99 + S&H), but was skeptical because it seemed like a knockoff P90X. It touts the importance of muscle confusion, has 10+ DVD's, and has a nutrition plan like P90X.  I searched the internet for forums, message boards, and testimonials about the system and could not have been more convinced. There are dozens of Youtube videos, and comparisons from people who have done it and because of minimal equipment, shorter workout time (about 40min) plus the amazing price, recommend it over P90X.

I ordered it online after reading a lot of complaints about the customer service charging credit cards for extra services and products. My order was $31.97 including tax and as you can see I got more than my money's worth from a quantity standpoint. During the process I was asked to upgrade my shipping from 3-4 weeks to one week shipping which I declined. I was surprised to receive my order within three days of purchase which was amazing!

I am pretty excited about this workout system and can't wait to start on New Years Day!! I feel like I have a head start for the Jan 1 rush and I am gonna continue working out with Christian and running weekly until then! My focus for 2012 is on clean eating and a consistent routine!

Can't wait to have a monthly review for the first quarter of 2012 for ya'll! LET'S GET IT!!!

What are your fitness plans/regiment for 2012? Do YOU want to join me with Supreme 90 Day?



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