LGI Fit Reviews!: Motorola MOTOACTV

Hey Brickhouses!!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email at work with this video:

The video on Motorola's MOTOACTV got me extremely pumped with all the action shots of people doing various acts of fitness. It left me so eager to get my hands on the device, I day dreamed about using it while being super fit and dedicated like the fitness models on screen! I work for the largest wireless company in the US, so I knew it wouldn't be long before a marketing rep would visit my employer's campus. In the mean time, I read up on it, took some trainings at work and waited.

I learned that the MOTOACTV is a GPS, MP3 player, audible coach, and Heart Rate Monitor all in one. 


A couple of weeks later, about two weeks ago to be exact, Coach Christian let me know that Motorola was indeed making a visit to our campus and that I would be able to interview the marketing rep. I was so psyched!

The day came for Motorola to arrive at the gym and I was ecstatic! The rep Mike, was so nice and informative. He walked me step by step through all of the impressive features and settings. After his mini-tutorial I was off to workout with the MOTOACTV solo.

The first thing I did when I got the MOTOACTV solo was hop on the treadmill! 

Me with the fit tracker. That's Sam the intern in the background! *Hi Sam*

Mike explained to me that the MOTOACTV has four dedicated exercise options. The options are walking/running and cycling, which gives you the option to select indoor or outdoor workouts , and the elliptical and stair climber machines.

On the Stair Climber

On the Elliptical (with eyes closed...smh)

 On the Bike (eyes closed again...smh) *Hi Wesley!!*

The only time I used headphones with the MOTOACTV was when I was on the treadmill. The headphones are what makes the device a heart rate monitor, tracking both your calories burned and heart rate while you workout. Usually with a heart rate monitor you either have a wrist or chest strap, with MOTOACTV all you need are the headphones which calculates your heart rate by the pulse in your ears! Awesome!!!

SF200 Sports Headphones (included)

 There are two intuitive things that set the MOTOACTV apart from your typical fitness tracker. One is that the device has a Smart Music Player which actually learns what songs motivate you based on your heart rate and speed! It is supposed to take effect after about eight minutes of a workout. Since I didn't select my own  music (Mike the Motorola rep did) I can't say for sure how it worked, but I thought the idea was amazing!

Mike talking to Niki and Chase about the MOTOACTV

The second thing that I thought was exciting about the MOTOACTV was the personal audible coach. As you workout the coach will update you on your progress automatically. It is a feature that you can be turned on and off as needed.

Other amazing features of the MOTOACTV:

  • Tracks distance
  • Tracks speed
  • Has Bluetooth capability so you can receive calls and texts
  • Automatically syncs workouts to an online portal
  • You can set up customized workouts and goals
  • Comes in 8GB and 16 GB models (memory)


The 8GB MOTOACTV is $249.99, $299.99 for 16GB. That includes a USB charger, a belt clip (see above far left), and the SF200 headphones (far right). Additional accessories Like a bike strap (second from left) or an arm strap (middle) cost $29.99 each. These prices can be a little daunting to someone who is just starting on their fitness journey or doesn't have the cash flow to make such a big purchase. For me, I see it as an investment! It is something that I know I would use daily for any fitness routine, eliminates my need for bringing an MP3 player with me, and allows me to receive phone calls and texts remotely.

Right now unless I win the MOTOACTV through my gym's giveaway, I won't be able to afford this device! I will be sticking to my good ol' Polar heart rate monitor. Please believe that I will be saving up for this device and hopefully will be able to get it before the end of January 2012! Overall I love EVERYTHING about the device except the price!

Check out my article on the MOTOACTV for Examiner.com here.

Does the MOTOACTV seem like something you would want to have as an aid on your fitness journey? What do you like most about the features?

Have a fit-abulous day!!



  1. Love your questions at the end of every post, your enthusiasm and your ever-present smile!

  2. MOACTV sounds pretty cool! Not cheap though!

  3. @Anon- Thanks so much for visiting the site! The smile is the result of workout endorphins I am telling you! lol

    @Hungrigyrl- Yes it was so cool and compact! I definitely have it on my wish list!

  4. My hubby wants one! I think it is an awesome tool and a great way to keep track of fitness goals! Do you know if there is a Motoactv community (Like Nike or Garmin)?

  5. Hi Nicole!!

    First of all love your blog and your amazing family! The marketing rep showed me the online portal where you can customize settings and look at your progress. There is a dedicated forum community called "Motorola Owner's Forum" where everyone can ask questions and give suggestions! Hope this helps :)


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