R30 Week 1- Day 1

"Transformation is not a future act, it is a present activity"

Morning Brickhouses!

If you have already finished your first day of R30, you would have heard Jill say the above statement during cool down. What she said is so true and particularly fitting for our first day! 

Whatever your reason for doing this challenge please know that sticking with this program and pushing to the end of each circuit, each workout, each week until the end of the DVD aids in your transformation process. Today might have been hard for some, easy for others, intimidating for the majority (myself included) but we all have come out stronger then yesterday!!

Know that I am here for support and encouragement as are the other challengers! We are ALL in the process of our transformation so long as we don't stop and push through to the end!! So like Jill says "GET SOME!!"

Have a fit-abulous day!!

-KEF xoxo


  • Please don't forget to do your measurements, pre-R30 weight, and before pictures for your records and if you will be sharing!
  • After you finish your workout, 'check-in'  by commenting with your operation name on the blog, or FB
  • Any feelings, emotional outbursts, comments etc. please share with the challengers
  • R30 Meal Plan here
  • GET SOME!!! -Jillian Michaels

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