R30 Week 1- Day 4 BUST IT!!!

You learn you can do your best even when it's hard, even when you're tired and maybe hurting a little bit.  It feels good to show some courage.  ~Joe Namath

Morning Brickhouses!!

Hope everyone is doing well this morning! I am sooooo pleased with everyone checking in and GETTING IT!! You all are doing so well and you are motivating others to do so too!! You probably never thought that you would be able to influence others to make healthy choices and work on their fitness! WELL YOU ARE! And I am so proud of each one of you!

I am Happy to introduce TWO more ladies to our challenge they are:
  • Thessicar Antoine- #operationHourGlass
  • Danielle Johnson- #operationSexyMamaCita
WELCOME these ladies to the challenge! Show your support by commenting on FB or here on the blog!!
Also don't forget if you have any questions please let me know! I am an open book and I am also here as your cheerleader, coach, and friend!! Keep it up ya'll!! LET'S GET IT!!

Have a fit-abulous day!!




  1. Yayyy!!! Congrats to the newbies!! Thanks for this blog Kenda E!!!

  2. YAY newbies so excited about this challenge, its day 2 for me and i think Jillian is trying to kill me lol, but each day gets easier than the last. I had to modify the eating plan because I am a vegetarian but its all good soooooo excited. XOXOXO OperationCokeBottle : )

  3. Thanks for checking in #operationCokeBottle aka Stacie!!! I am so glad you joined!! Yes your endurance is gonna be up so much by the time you are done with Week 1! Yea I am vegetarian too!

  4. #operationcokebottelmodel is feelin great and is ready for week 2 ! Were almost done ladies ! Keep up the good work.


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