R30 Week 1- Day 5: What's on your playlist?

Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it. -Alan Thicke

Morning Brickhouses!!

After your workout today only ONE MORE DAY OF WEEK 1!!! Woohoo!! By now you are stronger and have better endurance!! What a difference a week can make of consistently working on your fitness! I am finding that I may need to up the weights to give myself more of a challenge at some point.

This morning was probably the best workout I had all week and the reason why is because Holly (#operationByeByeBelly) is a FREAKIN GENIUS!!! She came up with the idea of muting Jill and listening to music instead! You may not be to the point where Jillian and the girls are getting on your nerves but I sure am! Jillian is awesome but she has been getting pretty annoying to me! Donna (#operationCanGetRight) told me that she has been turning her back to her TV during the workouts cause Jill was getting on her nerves!!

This morning, I turned my Black Eyed Peas Pandora radio station and GOT IT INNNNN!!! As my endurance has been building up I have noticed that my calories burned have declined steadily (I use a heart rate monitor that tracks my calories burned) but today girls, my calories burned was phenomenal because I felt like I was dancing! It was CLUB BRICKHOUSE!!! haha!!

I really really recommend making your own soundtrack to your fitness if you are getting annoyed, frustrated, or pissed off with Jillian and the girls! They mean well, they can't help it that they have rock hard, sexy bodies and Spartan-like endurance! The look and level of fitness Jill, Vashera, and Michelle have is definitely my goal but I am doing it MY WAY!!! LET'S GET IT!!!!

What will you put on your playlist? Do you think working out with music will help you?



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