R30 Week 2-Day 2 : Hollerrrrrrr GET SOME!!!

Morning Brickhouses!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This weekend was awesome! Saturday at church, even though my pastor didn't preach the Minister of Music did and it was a WONDERFUL message! He spoke about 'No More Drama' and how drama only comes to you when you involve more people in a particular situation than the actual people involved. It was powerful and JUST what I needed to hear! I actually saw a young lady I hadn't spoken to in 9 months because of something that I wasn't even involved in and apologized to her. It was very liberating and I have decided (though I don't have much) that I am keeping it drama free from now on!!

After church I had dinner with my church members and a great discussion with some of the young adults from church. The food was very plentiful and verrrryyy fattening! I only had one plate and made sure I loaded my plate up with what little veggies there were!

Saturday night I hung out with one of my friends who is working on a logo for the blog! I can't wait for you guys to see it we are just working out some of the kinks!! Business turned into chill time and we built a fire, turned on some jazz, roasted marshmallows and made 100 calorie cupcakes!!

Then SUNDAY came....


Ladies!! Week 2 is Killerrrrr!! Every time we moved to a new exercise I was like WHAT THE HELL!! The warm up alone is a workout in and of itself!! On one of the circuits she takes weights away completely for strength and still lights that butt on fire! Jill got rid of Vashera :( and replaced her with Natalie, moving Shelly to the advanced workouts.

For those of you still on Week 1, my suggestion to you is that you make the most out of the workouts! Like Jill says, 'Don't phone it in!' You really need to get into the workout and get the most out of it because what you learn in Week 1 realllly helps once you move on!

Week 2 is harder obviously, but the endurance and strength from Week 1 had me trying the advanced workouts in some of the exercises! So in short, LET'S GET IT!!!

Welcome a new challenger to to the R30 Challenge:

Shante- #operationHotMama
Good luck hun :)

Have a fit-tabulous day!!


#week 2


  1. Okay...I'm officially in. I feel like a slob and I can't take it anymore!!! I have Jillian's 30 day workout (I think), so I'll be doing that when I get home from work! Yayyy! #fit4life

  2. Yay!! Love the name! Welcome :)


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