R30 Week 2- Day 3: Whey to Go!!! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

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Morning Brickhouses!!

It is Day 3 of Week two! I am feeling pretty confident after my workout this morning! I still am trying to get some of the moves down (especially the pendulum lunges, crow pushups and one leg bridges) but I can honestly say that Week 1 has prepared me for Week 2! I have been trying the advanced moves with Shelly on some of the workouts and the cardio is not nearly as hateful as in Week 1 to me!

It seems like other day I am getting an email or a FB message with someone joining! This makes me so happy to know that people are seeing our progress, our rants and raves, and are crazy enough to GET SOME OF THIS FITNESS!!! A co-worker of mine (who is a dude!! *gasp*) actually is joining, I am giving him my spare DVD from the giveaway-that-wasn't and when I get his operation name I'll post it!

Let's welcome our newest challenger:

Aminta Cross- #operationfit4life

Now on to something VERY important! I don't know how many of you read my post about what you need for R30, but I would like to STRESS to you that if you haven't picked up some type of protein shake, powder or bar, or aren't eating protein after your workout to do so ASAP!! As I stated before, with R30 we are building lean muscle mass every day. Protein is depleted after a workout and it is necessary to rebuild as soon as possible after a workout.

 Today I went to  Vitamin Shoppe to shop for YOU GUYS!!! You may not know where to start, or what to pick so I have a couple of options that are affordable, easy, and tasty!

Biggest Loser for Designer Whey

Designer Whey is a trusted name in Whey Protein and has been around since 1993. They have all types of products including liquid shakes, bars, and powders. I am not getting paid to endorse them (obviously lol) but while I was doing my research I did find an online coupon that can be helpful in motivating you to get your protein shake game up! I totally wish I had known about these coupons before today, my favorite Aria shakes are made by Designer Whey too! I spend about $50 a month on shakes! Grrrrrrr!!!

I picked up Red Raspberry! And yes those are my comfy blankets! I blog from the comfort of my bed!!
This can was on sale for $10 usually $15. They have so many other flavors that don't come in a Biggest Loser can but I am a gimmick queen and I looooovess Biggest Loser especially now that I get to see  this guy:

 Dolvett Quince the new Biggest Loser coach *SWOON*
Ladies no need to thank me. You are quite welcome! Moving on....

Aria Chocolate Milkshake
This is my trusted Aria Shake! I love the flavor and I love that is made with soy! I am a stubborn lactose intolerant so it does help that it is half and half. (50% Whey and 50% Soy). It also has nutrients designed especially for women like folic acid and calcium. I have been using this for about a year. Even before I knew you were supposed to drink it, I was using it as a meal replacement since I worked late at night. I usually pay about $12 for this and sometimes they are on sale.

Vegan Proteins- Double Chocolate
If you are vegan then this protein shake is the one for you! It is NOT The one for me! This shake tastes like plants! Blech! I don't believe that my palate is clean enough for this! When I was on my vegan tip last year (lasted about two weeks) I bought this. It is made with peas, cranberry, sprouted brown rice, alfalfa, and organic hemp. So if you don't get down with the dairy try it I am sure you will like it!
*crosses fingers for YOU*

Designer Whey- Protein 2 Go
This is something that I haven't tried yet but l thought was a genius idea! You get the same amount of protein as you would in a shake or bar and it acts as a flavor water packet! All you do is open it, pour it in a water bottle and shake!! This was $6.49 at Vitamin Shoppe and is a new product.
Just like a Crystal Light packet!
I am going to try this sometime this week! Its a great way to also get you water in for the day!

Ok so lastly I want to show you my favorite bottle of all times for my shakes, The Blender Bottle !!!! Instead of having to deal with a blender especially if you are pressed for time like I am, the Blender Bottle will be your BFF! It comes in three pieces. The bottle, whisk ball, and a top. Pour your milk or water in, along with your powder, shake that bad boy and you have a perfect, clump-free shake!
Secret Weapon!!
Blender Bottle
Because I love this thing so much, (I have one in green and blue) I will be giving away two blender bottles to my SUBSCRIBERS!! These retail anywhere from $9-$15 depending on the size. This one is a 20oz and will be the one that I giveaway! Here are the rules:
  • Must be a subscriber of the blog (Google Connect on the right-hand side)
  • Do NOT have to be doing the R30 Challenge
  • Comment with your favorite color and fantasy/favorite shake flavor
  • All entries must be received by Friday November 4, 2011 at 9:30pm (CST)
It is really simple to get in on the giveaway. The last giveaway didn't go so well so let's get it together ladies!! Good luck with the challenge and the giveaway! LET'S GET IT!!!



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  1. Hey girl! Im gonna enter this giveaway! my favorite color is blue (or green) and I think I'd LOVE a pineapple raspberry flavored shake! That would be so good!


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