R30 Week 3- Day 1 : I have no words...

"Tears will get you sympathy. Sweat will get you results."

Hey Brickhouses!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Mia has been sick since Thursday so I have been cooped up in the house watching movies, sleeping, and tending to her fever. I was so excited to get up this morning and start Week 3! But then...

Mia had another feverish night and had some delirious episodes which resulted in a VERY sleepless night. I woke up late afternoon instead of my normal 8am on the weekends. Anytime I sleep in a feel like I am dragging the entire rest of my day!

So Vashera is back doing the advanced workouts and poor Shelly is back just as happy as ever! Jill hasn't given her a break she has been working it in every single week!

Week 3 should be called "BUST IT: Legs, Glutes and Tri's" 
The warm up was crazy! The circuits were bonkers!!For the first time I was already exhausted just from the warm up. I wasn't even shocked like I was when moving to Week 2 because I know Jill is crazy as hell!!

Sometimes in the morning Mia will be eating her Cheerios or getting dressed for school (I have a very independent three year old) and she will check me on my form! "Mommy that girl is jumping!" or "Mommy she's not doing it that way!" its as good as having Jillian right in the living room with me! I know that even though she is three, she see's how and what I should be doing and it helps me to straighten up and BRING IT!!

Today instead of being a fitness Nazi, Mia had some words of encouragement. (Audio is better than the video it was taken by Mia! lol)

That made me push a little bit harder :) 

Everything that we have done up this point definitely is to prepare us for this workout! I can honestly say that even with the awesome support from Mia, I did a HORRIBLE job today! I have never taken as many breaks as I did today!! I burned 253 calories! That is so EMBARRASSING considering the circuits were the most intense I have seen so far! 
All I can say is that tomorrow I have to BRING IT! I am going to bed early tonight, making sure I drink enough water today, making a great dinner tonight, and get MENTALLY PREPARED!! The combination of lack of sleep, too much sleep, and being on my cycle contributed to my sub-par workout today but tomorrow is a new day and I am definitely gonna BUST IT tomorrow!! LET'S GET IT!!!

Have you done the Week 3? What do you think about it? Am I exaggerating or spot-on?

Have a fit-abulous day!

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