Healthy Girl! Fridays: Diet Foods Yay or Nay?

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is..." -Author Unknown

Morning Brickhouses!!!

TGIF!!! I am sooo ready for the weekend!! This week was rough and I am looking forward to new beginnings in the new week and a Word at church this weekend! I have a nice Saturday night planned with Muffin [My Favorite Negro] baking some healthy holiday goodies that I will be posting Monday!

Healthy Girl Speaks!

Q: What are some foods that I should avoid that are marketed as good for me? - Tonika [#operationSpanxFree]

A: First of all love the operation name! haha!
The #1 type of food or foods I would stay away from is anything labeled "diet". Let's use diet sodas as an example.You'd think that they would be better for you, but in reality, those products are 10 times worse than normal sodas [food] would be.

Whenever you get ready to eat, your body prepares itself to receive calories.
Calories that are then converted into energy for cellular metabolism (currently study for a biology exam).
Anywho, when you drink a diet soda [diet products], your body expects to take in calories, but it doesn't.

Long story short this triggers your body to go into "starvation mode" which makes your body hold onto fat.

In addition to that, the products they use in diet sodas [products] are not compounds that are naturally occurring. Specifically when you're drinking diet soda, pardon my language, you're basically ingesting a chemical s**t storm.
Hope this helps!

That's my sister! Straight to the point with TONS of substance!! Make sure you check out her blog for more fitness tips, she gives them daily! If you have a question for 'Healthy Girl! Speaks' submit a question to her blog with LGI Fitness written someplace, leave a comment on the LGI Fitness Facebook wall, or email me at lgifitnessbykef@gmail.com.
Have a fit-abulous weekend!!



  1. I always figured that vitamin water stuff was not as great as it sounds for you.
    But I'm totally with her on the "diet" soda. I hardly ever drink pop. The only time is when I'm sick, I drink ginger ale, but I'm pretty sure I could just grind up some real ginger and throw it in some hot water and have it be the same. Good thing I'm not sick that often!

    TGIF!!!! Weekend! :D

  2. Lance...This is so true....I stay away from soda period so I don't experience this problem....but another thing I've noticed is the words No Sugar Added that's labeled on these products. It's misleading....because when you look at the nutrition label, there's sugar in the product, less sugar, but still added sugar and a good amount of it. And not every thing that says 'organic' is good for you too. There are tons of organic products out there that have tons of sugar. We all should strive to check the nutrition label of anything we eat despite what the front label says. We have to watch our sugar intake because honestly sugar is the main culprit causing the obesity epidemic. Good stuff KEF!!!!

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