The JOYS of shopping...in your own closet!!!

"I've been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear."  
~Author Unknown

Heyyyy Brickhouses!! 

Have you ever heard of an NSV? It stands for Non-Scale Victory! The definition is exactly what it sounds like, "A dieting and weight loss term for noticing your weight loss success off the scale." This can happen when you are finally able to shop in "regular size" stores, start to notice definition in your arms and legs, or get a compliment from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend etc. 

In my case my NSV this week came from being able to fit size 10 jeans!! When I try on clothes in my closet to see if they fit, I call it shopping in my closet! You don't have to drive to find a parking spot, or spend any money, and the dressing room is ALWAYS open!! 

If you read my first post and/or have been following my blog, you know that this is not my first weight loss rodeo! Earlier this year in February, I was a solid size 8/10 in bottoms and a medium in tops. I had a BLAST throwing my "big" clothes away and wearing "regular" sizes! I was shopping like a mad woman! My bestie and I dropped so much money getting my new wardrobe together at H&M and Forever 21 in San Francisco when I visited! 

Literally shopping till we dropped in Union Square @ H&M- Feb 2011

Two months later I started to gain weight back with a vengeance! I ate anything and EVERYTHING that made me feel good to quell the pain of not graduating and my financial situation. Soon my size 8's were fitting extra snug and the girls were busting right out my shirts!! This last month with finishing the R30 Challenge and working our regularly, I went shopping in my closet, and the majority my jeans and jeggings fit again!! NSV!!!

I do need for my next NSV to be being able to wear button up/oxford style shirts. I am busting out of practically all of them!!

No bueno!!!

The girls definitely need some TLC and will be getting extra attention in my workouts so I can reduce them!
I MUST, I MUST DECREASE MY BUST!!! (Remember when that was in reverse back in grade school?! *sigh*)

I still have A LOT of clothes I still would like to fit into from before I was pregnant. I have never been a fashion risk taker and have always had a pretty classic look, so five years later the stuff from undergrad should still be appropriate for 2011/2012.

Classic Staples that I CAN'T WEAR!!! *gets into plank position*

Two bins of clothes just waiting to be worn again!!

I can't wait to dig into the bins and KNOW that I can wear what's inside. Shopping in my closet is just one of many things that motivates me on my fitness journey to get and stay fit! 

What motivates you? Do you have any pieces of clothing that you want to fit better or fit period? What are they?



PS. Don't forget about Healthy Girl!'s 100 [Miles] for the Holidays! It's not too late to join! I have hit seven miles so far this week, I am behind!!! LET'S GET IT!!!

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