Holiday Weekend Recap!! [Picture Heavy]

Heyy Brickhouses!!

Hope your holiday weekend was enjoyable! I had and continue to have so much to be thankful for! My Thanksgving was amazing! It started out fit-style with a Turkey Day 5K! I originally was going to do the Two River's Ford Turkey Trot but ended up changing locations since Kat wanted to join me. It turned out to be much better and more organized, as there were photographers, we got our shirt THAT DAY, and there were plenty of beverages and an amazing carb table afterwards!

Waiting in line for our Turkey Day 5K!!

Both of our GPS's showed that we ran over 3.1 miles [3.71 to be exact]  and I remember the specific curve we turned that said 30 minutes, 3.0 miles. So yes, we hit a 31 minute 5K! Victory!!!

Afterwards, we went home and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, played some football, showered, took pre-dinner nap, ate, and played Just Dance for Wii which was sooo much fun!!!

An obscure football pose!!



So thankful!!! The spread and the fellowship was absolutely fabulous!! I tried to keep it moderate but I failed horribly!! This week I am kicking my butt into high gear. Tonight, I freeze the yummy sweet potato pie Muffin made me with graham cracker crust!!! I do NOT need those fumes hitting me in the face!!


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