R30 Week 3- Day 3: Clear your mind of...

"Clear your mind of can't" - Samuel Johnson

Morning Brickhouses!!

It is day three of Week 3 and my goodness I cannot wait until it is over! I am totally feeling it this morning in my legs! I can see the change in the shape of my legs which is a plus but Jillian is really letting us have it this week. I don't even want to know what is in store for Week 4!

I woke up this morning to a text from my BFF in Cali. All the text said was " This tape [DVD] is stupid."
Like most of the challengers she is on Week 3. In addition to that, she just got a membership to LA Fitness where she had a full workout with her boyfriend THEN still did WEEK THREE!!! That is dedication to fitness  and motivation to push forward! Let's clear our minds of CAN'T because clearly if we are on WEEK THREE we CAN!! LET'S GET IT!!!

Have a fit-abulous day!!



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