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Hey Brickhouses!!!

TGIF!!! The end of the week...YES!! Shout out to all of my students who are taking finals and preparing for winter break. I am envious of the post-finals experience most of you will have (rest, relaxation, sleep etc.), because in my adult life that only happens if you have vacation time left-- and I don't. (insert sad face)

Today is Friday and for the very reasons stated above, Healthy Girl! will not be answering a question from readers of this blog, as she is not having any type of human communication during finals week. Totally understandable! The great thing about this situation is that Healthy Girl! has over 1500+ followers and has answered questions almost daily for the last year. On her blog she has thousands of Q & A to choose from that are relevant to anyone's experience. SCORE!!


New Kettleball!

Anonymous asked: what do you do to get your stomach so flat? What is your daily exercise regime? You look amazing!!!

I kill in my ab workouts to get my stomach the way it is, but I definitely had to lose some fat first! I do at least two 1 minute planks as the bare minimum daily, but as far as ab workouts, I do a combination of Ab Ripper X, Decline bench sit ups (the ones at my gym are a bit different, but I do them on the top notch), Captains Chair (straight leg, and bent), and alot of stability ball crunches!
As far as a daily regime, I like to mix it up, but the workouts at BodyBuilding.com are really helpful!
Thanks for the question, I hope my response was helpful!!
gottawork asked: Hi Kyla! My name's Maya and I'm from Singapore and I've been reading your blog really consistently. It's great for reference :) I've been trying my best to eat clean, I started just about 4 days ago. I'm finding it really difficult to stay motivated though. I find myself getting realllly frustrated really quickly. How do I overcome this?

Hey Maya!
Thanks for reading, and congrats on eating clean!! If you went into clean eating feet first, it may be really easy to get frustrated and need motivation early on. It may be easier to make 1 or 2 or your meals clean to beging with, and then slowly make the transition to full clean eating in a few days or weeks or so. As far as staying motivated, as corny as it sounds, motivational pictures help me alot.  I happen to love this Spin on the traditional Rosie the Riveter Poster: 

Hopefully those tips help!! If not, feel free to tell me and I can figure out something that works better for you!


-Healthy Girl!

 I love Kyla's blog!! I am such a fan whether she is my sister or not! Here are some of my favorite sources of visual inspiration she has found!! 


Have a fit-abulous weekend!!



  1. Kyla- the official count as of 5 minutes ago is 1902 followers.

  2. I keep thinking that photo of her is her in a scuba mask lol.
    I need to get myself a kettle bell.

  3. @Kyla-Oh excuseeee me!! I will surely edit my figure!!
    @Shannon- I keep thinking the same thing! I have a kettleball that I got at TJMaxx for 9.99. Do you have a TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Ross where you live?

  4. @KEFFitness87 I don't think we have those stores in Canada. There's a Fitness Town near me so I think that's where I'm headed :P


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