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Hey People!!

This week has been pretty light as far as blogging goes for me! So sorry!! I have been brainstorming, planning, and writing. I will be back on it full speed next week for sure! I have had so many amazing opportunities happen to me this week!! I can't wait to share them with you!!

Speaking of brainstorming, on Sunday Holly and I had a meeting to plan an event in June. I don't want to go into details just yet, as we are still in the planning stages, but it will be a Natural Hair/Health and Wellness event. Stay tuned to for more informations.

For our brainstorming/ planning session, Holly recommended Fido's located at Hillsboro Village in Nashville. I love the eclectic, modern feel of Hillsboro Village, plus Holly stated that it had an amazing brunch and free Wi-Fi so I was down!

When I got to Hillsboro Village it was packed with people out shopping and visiting the local restaurants for brunch. Even though it was a peak time, I was easily able to find a free parking spot behind Fido's. When I got inside the line snaked all the way around the counter. I thought to myself, "Oh goodness we'll never find a table!", but was surprised to find a table with ease. The waitstaff were moving all along the floor of Fido's and were quick to help clear tables for newcomers to the establishment.

As Holly and I stood in line there was a chalkboard across from me that caught my attention,

The board showed a list of farms where the produce, meats, and dairy comes from. They are all local farms in Tennessee that provide organic and sustainable fare. This made me so happy! To be a small business and help other local small businesses in the process is amazing. It shows that this business really cares about the earth and what goes into the bodies of their patrons.

There were so many great options to choose from on the menu, I didn't know where to start! One of the things I also loved about the menu is the option to substitute eggs for either egg whites or scrambled tofu! This makes it a great place for someone who is either looking for lower calorie or vegan protein options. 

Vegan baked goods!! Yumm!!

My girrrl Holly waiting in line!!

The line was long but again this place surprised me by getting Holly and I through line very quickly. The staff there was truly operating like a well oiled machine amidst the brunch time rush. I ordered a soy hazelnut latte and got the veggie scramble with potatoes--DELICIOUS!! The presentation of the latte and the food was beautiful and came out within five minutes of ordering.

Two words: Nom Nom

How amazing is that?!

Holly and I had a productive meeting, getting our time line together for our event in June and setting our individual goals for 2012. The free Wi-Fi helped ALOT with our research! We were there until about two o'clock and there was a steady stream of people the entire time. Families with small children, business people, girlfriends chatting it up over brunch, and more made brunch at Fido's a melting pot of Nashvillians.

I definitely recommend this place if you want delicious organic food, vegan and low calorie options, fast and friendly service, free Wi-Fi, and an amazing atmosphere!!

Check out more about Fido's and the adjacent coffee shop Bongo Java's here


All photo credits belong to www.bongojava.com

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