Happy New Year!!!

Heyyy Brickhouses!!

This is such a late post! All afternoon/evening I have been editing my first video blog! Who knew vlogging was such a tedious process! I will post my visions and goals video tomorrow but I definitely want to talk about today!

Today was the first day of 2012 and it was an awesome one!! My friend Renesha and I made a pact that we would spend more time together this year. I have known her since I was six and when I moved to Nashville was so excited to re-connect. For two years we have lived in the same general area of Nashville and have seen each other four times! Today we had a blast walking, talking and catching up!

Shadow Friends!

Ran into a BMX race/meetup!

Three KILLER hills!!

We walked 2.30 miles in all on a trail and then an old country road. Afterwards we went back to her place for Black Eyed Peas and cabbage that her BF Sean cooked and played a couple of games on the XBox 360 Kinect. I played Biggest Loser and was not impressed with the way my avatar looked on the screen. If you've ever played it before you will know it takes a complete body scan. My goal is to get that avatar chick looking RIGHT!!!

Supreme 90 Day 1 starts tomorrow as well as me getting on a consistent running schedule to start training for my FIRST half-marathon! I can't wait, it feels like the night before the first day of school!!

What did you do on the first day of 2012? Have you been working towards your resolutions?

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