R30 Week 2- Day 5

Exercise is like mouthwash. If you can feel the burn, it’s working! -Author Unknown

Morning Brickhouses!!

Today is Thursday definitely tried to BRING IT harder this morning! I want to get the most out of the workout so I will be ready for Week 3! So far I have been trying to do as many advanced moves as possible. The cardio on circuit two with the plank jacks and mountain climbers are KILLING ME!! I haven't measured myself since the first week but I can definitely feel a change in the way my clothes are fitting and when I wake up in the morning my stomach looks slimmer! 

I know for sure I have much better endurance this week and I am aiming for ALL advanced workouts with Shelly tomorrow to finish it off STRONG!!

What types of changes are you seeing? Are the workouts getting easier to you? Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!! 


Have a fit-abulous day!!




  1. OMG what I notice is that I feel stronger, my body is hurting but I FEEL stronger. That Shelly is a beast from head to toe and she always has a smile on her face even when she would like to punch Jillian's daylights out lol : ). I seem to enjoy this week better that last week but it did up the difficulty. During the day I can still feel my "abs" tensing up and it makes me smile....well OperationCokeBottle

  2. #Operationblanacedlife

    I can definitely see the difference in my body. I have never been a big fan of the scale (I guess the rebel in me doesn't like to be defined by a number). I would much rather adjust my me weight by my love of fashion. When I needed a belt with my "tight jeans" and straight out of the dryer... I knew this workout is worth it!

  3. Nothing is better then the pain and soreness I feel next day after a workout!! It makes me smile too Stacie!! And yes girl I want to be on Shelly's level so darn bad!!

    @Kristen so glad to see you back! And yes in the fitness world they call it NSV (non-scale victories) the fitting of pants that haven't pulled up in months, looking better in a form fitting dress etc. That is so great!! So happy for all of these changes!!


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