It's Christmastime in Nashville!!

Hey Brickhouses!

On Sunday I was feeling pretty crummy. This always happens to me about a week before Christmas because I start stressing about everything that needs to be done, and I worry if I will make Christmas for Mia a memorable one. I went over to Kat's,  Mia's paternal grandmother, after work and she could tell something was on my mind.

Somewhere along the way, someone suggested that we go to Gaylord Opryland  to look at the lights and decorations. Even though I wasn't feeling hot and it was already 8pm, I went. I thought that if I could give Mia a Christmas memory it would all be worth it!

The crew! (l-r) Jamal, Mia, Imani, Sam, and Kat

I will probably be talking about these folks more in the new year as they are my Nashville family, so let me introduce them!

Jamal- Mia's father! We aren't together but remain super close friends and even better co-parents. I realize that is a rarity now days so I am truly blessed!

Mia- That's my baby girl! She will be four in February and is just as social, theatrical, bright and busy as she wants to be!

Imani- This is Jamal's brother, Mia's uncle! He is the closest thing I have to a brother in every way. Check out an example here.

Sam- Here is a young lady I hope sticks around! She is Imani's "boo thang" (their words...lol) and a joy to be around! Demure, witty, and most of all confident enough to deal with Imani's teenage angst/mood swings! LOL

Kat- Jamal and Imani's mom, Mia's grandma! My second mom! Culinary legend! People all over know about this woman's amazing cooking. She inspired this recipe and pretty much any other recipes I attempt to cook! She is also part inspiration behind the name #operationbrickhouse! She has kept her body in shape and maintained it her entire life and has taught me a thing or two!

My camera sucks!! All I want for Xmas is a better one!!

Sam, Mia, and Imani

This tree made of lights was HUGE! Even after moving back I couldn't capture the whole thing!

Mia, Me and Jamal (being a goof!) the best co-parent anyone could ask for!

Nativity Scene! It had a audio re-enactment playing

Horse and Carriage! They are all over Nashville. I WILL ride in one one of these days!

Mia pointing at someone or something lol

Beautiful decorations!

The lovebirds <3

Lovebirds again!

Overall I had a great time walking around looking at the decorations, spending time with the fam, and getting back into the Christmas spirit. I definitely am going to visit the Gaylord again in the future! I can't even explain through pictures or writing how fabulous that place looked but you can check more out here.

What Christmas season memories have you been able to make this year? What are some activities do you do every year?



  1. Yay, for successful co parenting. My husand has a child from a previous relationship and it has taken some time but we all have worked together to create a wonderful relationship and family structure. It is indeed a blessing.

    We went to something similar here in ATL a few weeks ago. A few of my friends and their families joined us. We had a ball. I think I enjoyed the light more than the children did!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your photos! I am adjusting to Christmas as a single mom. My son and I have created lots of great memories by driving around looking at Christmas lights, baking cookies and attending some local Christmas events:-)

  3. @Mimi yes getting to the point where we could be friends again was challenging but soooo worth it! When we went to the lights it was just so nostalgic! Christmastime is reflection time for me :)

    @LV I hope the adjustment treats you well! Being a single mom is no joke but it sounds like you are doing a fabulous job of creating precious memories for your son! You got the one-on-one time down!

    Happy Holidays ladies :)


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